We’ve reviewed the top yoghurt makers in the market today

Yoghurt has slowly become a favourite food for the majority of the global population following the shift to healthy lifestyles that promote wellness. While you can buy some in the stores, you should know that they are filled with artificial additives that are not so healthy. This, therefore, calls for the need to consume more organic and natural yoghurts that have natural flavours and cultures. Like most other appliances, a yoghurt maker is a great investment for you. This article provides a review of the top yoghurt makers available. Later on, you will be able to learn what factors to consider when buying a yoghurt maker and more. Stay tuned!

Our selection of the best yoghurt makers available in the UK market in 2018!

  1.  Severin JG 3519

  2. AmazonBasics Yoghurt Maker

  3. GOURMEO Yoghurt Maker for greek yoghurt, soy yoghurt, curd, 1 litre

  4. Duronic Electric Yoghurt Maker YM2 Yoghurt Machine

  5. Vivo © Professional Digital Natural Yoghurt Maker

1 - Severin JG 3519

Severin JG 3519

This machine comes with 14 glass jars that are 150ml. It is an effective way for you to make delightful yoghurts in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is get some milk, active culture, and the flavour of your choice. You turn on SEVERIN Yoghurt maker, and it takes around 6 to 9 hours to have your yoghurt ready. The time taken by the yoghurt maker depends upon the thickness you desire.

SEVERIN Yoghurt maker comes with a transparent lid which allows you to view the contents as it’s being formed. The on/off switch has a pilot light to make it easy to use. It has a memory dial that you can refer to each time you want to make your drink. You will know how long this electrical appliance takes to deliver your beverage.

2 - AmazonBasics Yoghurt Maker

AmazonBasics Yoghurt Maker

AmazonBasics Yoghurt Maker is available with seven glass jars where each has a volume of 160ml. These glass jars are designed with white lids that add a plush-feel in your kitchen space. Besides the timer, this appliance comes with an illuminated LCD to view your settings. The timer can keep working for about 15 hours. The output of this yoghurt maker is approximately 18W.

It comes to a well-brushed stainless steel finish that will go with various kitchen styles. It has a transparent cover and a handle that allows for ease of handling. It is dishwasher safe, but you can clean it with ease by using a wet wipe.

While the yoghurt maker measures 250mm x 250mm x 150mm, the jars measure 68mm x 68mm x 87 mm. Make your favourite yoghurt at home using this AmazonBasics yoghurt maker and enjoy their one-year limited warranty.

3 - GOURMEO Yoghurt Maker for greek yoghurt, soy yoghurt, curd, 1 litre

GOURMEO Yoghurt Maker for greek yoghurt, soy yoghurt, curd, 1 litre

Looking to make natural, fresh yoghurt featuring your favourite flavours for your household? Well, this might be the best yoghurt you could get. It comes with a diameter of 22cm and a height of 16 cm while the inside container has a 16cm diameter and a height of 9cm.

You can manually operate this yoghurt maker with ease, and it has a volume of 1 litre, which is enough for homemade yoghurt. It is actually the best for making Greek yoghurt. Its construction is on another level, and it comes in a white shade that adds a modern touch to space.

Once you’ve prepared every ingredient and closed the lid ready for yoghurt making, the process should be done within 12 to 14 hours. If you like your yoghurt cold, you can put the maker directly into the fridge. Get the GOURMEO Yoghurt Maker with a 2-year Satisfaction Guarantee.



4 - Duronic Electric Yoghurt Maker YM2 Yoghurt Machine

Duronic Electric Yoghurt Maker YM2 Yoghurt Machine


You can get creative in the kitchen with this amazing appliance by making various types of yoghurts ranging from plain to flavoured ones. It is designed with 20W motor powers that are a more updated feature of yoghurt makers for better performance. It has 8 pots that you can efficiently use. The pots have white lids so that you can safely store or refrigerate and each has a volume of 125 ml.

It is lightweight for easier portability around the home, and the power cable can be detached so that you can move it around. While the yoghurts can take 8 to 12 hours to be made, this appliance comes with a timer that you can set to use from 1 to 24 hours. This is to allow you the opportunity to prepare yoghurts with your desired texture.

5 - Vivo © Professional Digital Natural Yoghurt Maker

Vivo © Professional Digital Natural Yoghurt Maker

Vivo Yogurt Maker comes with seven glass jars for storage convenience. It has an automatic LCD that you can view the settings and other functions. The LCD control panel does not only have complex features, but it’s easy to use which makes this brand amazing. It is designed in a white colour that adds lavishness in any kitchen space.

The motor has 20 W power, and the appliance is heated mechanically by PTC. The yoghurt maker features a volume of 1.5 L while the jars each has a capacity of 200ml. Although it is electric, the cost of operation is low so you need not worry about your utility bill. It features dimensions of Width 276mm x Depth 246mm x Height 148mm.

This maker makes your dreamiest delicious yoghurt with your desired thickness and flavour. Based on the milk type and thickness you want, this appliance will take between 8 to 12 hours for full fermentation to occur.


Yoghurt Makers

Buying Guide

When buying a yoghurt maker, you need to consider your needs and the quality of the appliance. Below, we have provided a guide to help you shop for the best yoghurt maker.

What makes this an essential appliance for your kitchen?

Yoghurt is an essential beverage to have in your fridge. However, the cost of always buying the product you want like gluten-free, organic, fat-free, natural etc., can be a bit high. Getting a one of these machines saves almost half of the money you would have spent while still fulfilling your taste and preference. You can make the dreamiest, creamiest, most delicious yoghurts in the comfort of your home without adding any sweeteners, preservatives or other additives.

Things to consider


Different makers can accommodate different volumes and therefore the need to identify the capacity that best fits your needs. This means that if your household consumes large quantities of yoghurt, buying a yoghurt maker with a large capacity will be best.


Yoghurt makers come with jars that are convenient to use and can be stored directly in the fridge. Go glass jars over plastic or another type, as they are BPS-free therefore safe for use with food.


You want an appliance that takes up little space in your kitchen but is also stylish. A yoghurt maker may have quality features but may be too large that it fills your kitchen space. Your taste and preference also play a part in picking the appliance design. The colour and the lids is different so choose the design that best defines you.


There are electric and non-electric yoghurt makers. The latter requires being dipped in warm water to keep the milk warm for fermentation. The former however requires electricity to operate, and most of them come with automatic functions.

Timer and auto-shut

Yoghurt makers that come with timers are most efficient because you can set the time and once the fermentation process is over, the timer will notify you. Timers run from 5 hours to 12 hours depending on the brand and thickness you want. The auto-shut function is also essential as it helps you get the best results. With these features, you will not worry about having the yoghurt over or undercooked.

Temperature controls

Temperature control is essential in yoghurt making since it helps ensure that the active bacteria stay alive and the fermenting process results in a tasty, creamy and natural product. Look out for machines with precise temperature controls and accurate timers. This maintains the yoghurt’s consistency.

How to pick the best?

You can consider the mini-reviews we have featured in this article to identify the yoghurt maker that best suits your needs. For the best brand thou, you should list your needs and goals you would like to achieve with them. Go for the machine that is easy to operate. Make a point of reading the manual or inquiries to learn what each function is meant for and how you can optimize them. When it comes to cleaning, look for a machine that you can take apart with ease and put back with a simple set up process. Make the best use of your money by getting a quality, durable machine for yourself.


How long does it take for milk to fully ferment for yogurt to be formed in a yogurt maker?

The time taken for yoghurt to be fully formed is 5 to 12 hours depending on:
– The quality of the starter culture being used and the amount added to the mixture.
– The type of active cultures you are using; homemade or store-bought.
– Milk type.
– Milk temperature prior to being put into the yoghurt maker.
– The size and capacity.
– Need for flavours and other additives.


Should I only use the jars sold with the yogurt maker?

No. Some jars are made of plastic, and other material that is not glass so may have BPA. It is safer to use own glass jars since they are BPA-free. Some appliances are designed in a tall style for flexibility so that your own pots may fit.

What type of milk should I use to prepare homemade yoghurt?
Depending on your taste and preferences, you may go for soymilk, grain milk, nut milk or the regular kind. For the latter, you may go for skimmed, whole or the low-fat kind.

Can I add flavours?

Of course. The aim of making these yoghurt makers is to give you a chance to make the creamiest, tastiest, most natural, and organic of another type of yoghurt in your home. You can add the flavours, sweeteners and other additives you want your yoghurt. You can cook or fresh fruits, syrups depending on your recipe.

Why should I buy one

The store-bought yoghurts happen to have artificial ingredients like flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, and many others. These may be unhealthy as they increase the calory count and sugars. For homemade ones, you have a chance to make the freshest, most natural, organic, and plain yoghurt. Adding the live cultures in your homemade preparation has health benefits as it improves your digestion, reduces infections and boosts your immune system.

What step should I take if I realize my yoghurt has not yet set and the timer has stopped?

Sometimes the yoghurt may take longer to form if the milk used was too cold, and it has not fully fermented. Avoid opening the maker since this is likely to offset the fermentation balance. Look through the transparent lid and if you realise the milk has not fully fermented, leave it for a little more time. You may turn on the electrical switch or add more warm water to the seating bowl. However, avoid adding boiling water into the already fermenting milk as this will affect the whole setting process. 12 hours is the best time to leave the preparation to set so that it can be well-cooked, thick with an aroma.

For all additives and flavours, ensure to add them to the yoghurt once it has fully set as this may affect the fermentation process if added before.

Where can I store my culture and how?

Bacterial cultures need to be stored cold and for long in the freezer. To avoid absorption of water, ensure that the container with the culture is airtight. Use sterile containers when preparing the cultures for storage. Bacteria’s tends to denature under too high or too low temperatures. This, therefore, calls for care during the whole process.