The SMEG Price Hike: Why Are Appliances So Expensive?

Smeg is a leading manufacturer of luxury appliances, but many people wonder why they cost so much. This article will explore the reasons behind this and whether it’s worth paying more for these products.

Why are SMEG Appliances So Expensive?

When you buy a SMEG appliance, you will be paying more than other brands because there is something different about their designs. For example, many SMEG appliances have stainless steel finishes, making them expensive to manufacture compared with plastic or white paint jobs. Another reason that they might seem pricey is that SMEG do not supply retailers with discounts like most companies would do – meaning that if you want one of their products, you’ll need to pay over the odds for it!

But why are SMEG appliances, such as fridges, toasters or kettles, so much more expensive than their counterparts?

Three main factors make the brand pricier when you compare what they offer against other household items:


Their appliances’ 1950’s inspired design is very appealing to many, and there are not many other brands out there that offer a similar style. The thin body, the chrome fittings and SMEG’s signature logo design are all exclusive to the brand, meaning you can’t purchase them anywhere else!


The SMEG design is also more expensive because of how they create their products. Quality stainless steel and chrome and very close attention to detail in the design of their products set SMEG apart.

The “SMEG” on all appliances is an intricate chrome logo that has been specially crafted for each product – this alone sets them apart from other brands who stamp out logos onto stainless steel pieces with no thought or care!


Having a “SMEG” branded appliance on top of the kitchen counter is quite special – it’s like having a status symbol!

A large proportion of the brand markup comes from its name and the association between the brand and how you perceive a person who owns the brand.

Are SMEG appliances worth the money?

Given that we’ve determined that most of the price of a Smeg appliance is associated with its brand and what it symbolizes rather than the quality of the product, I would say that Smeg appliances are not worth their high price tag.

You can purchase a different fridge, toaster or kettle with similar quality and a third of the price on the market.

Alternatives to SMEG

Russel Hobbs: Has some designs with a retro look, but where this brand stands out is the price.

KitchenAid: This brand has appliances at both ends of the spectrum – they offer high-end models and ones in more affordable ranges such as Artisan or Classic Plus. The main difference is KitchenAid doesn’t market themselves to being associated with a particular lifestyle or way to live as Smeg does. They want to sell quality kitchen appliances, whether it’s expensive or not.

Whirlpool: Another brand with varying prices, Whirlpool also offer their own high-end models.

Morphy Richards: Another brand at the lower end of the price range, you can expect to find appliances such as a kettle or toaster for £49.99, and that’s not including offers of two-for-one deals on selected products.


To summarise, in my opinion, SMEG appliances are expensive because they market themselves to a particular lifestyle and this is reflected in their prices.

In my opinion, SMEG appliances are expensive for two reasons:

They market themselves as an aspirational product that people can use to signal the type of person they aspire to be (e.g., high-end design) or create a particular atmosphere (e.g., art deco).

So, if you are spending top money in your kitchen and want the right appliances to go along, SMEG is a perfect choice.


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