Looking for water distillers? Here’s our selection of the best 5 in the UK market

Water distillation is one of the most common ways of producing purified water. It provides an opportunity for people to get clean, safe, and healthy water without having to get bottled mineral water. With distillation being the most effective water cleaning process, the demand for countertop water distillers is high. Before buying a water distiller, however, you should consider various factors that are likely to affect its ability to meet your needs. This article will outline some of these factors in addition to reviewing five of the best countertop water distillers in the market. The article will also cover some of the questions that people ask frequently about water distillers.

Our selection of the best water distillers available in the UK market in 2019!

  1. LifeBasis Water Distiller

  2. Stainless Steel Water Distiller + 12 carbon filters

  3. Life Water Distillery Water Distiller

  4. WATER DISTILLER + 4 Litre Jug

  5. H2o Labs Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller

1 - LifeBasis Water Distiller

LifeBasis Water Distiller
Perfect for Purifying Water + Free TDS

With this distiller, you will get 4L of chemical free, nontoxic water in just 3 and a half hours. It will get rid of 99.8 percent of the pollutants and any foreign contaminants in the water. It also comes with a free Ted Tester that you can use to test the quality of the distilled water. With every purchase, you will also get a glass collection bottle. The distiller has its interior and exterior made of stainless steel. This way, the water is safe from plastics that may contaminate it. To ensure that you use it safely, the distillers manufacturers include a detailed instruction manual in the package. They also design it to shut off automatically once the distilling process is done.

With the distiller, you no longer have to spend a fortune buying expensive filters and bottled water. LifeBasis Water Distiller will provide clean water that guarantees your health at a much lower cost.

2 - Stainless Steel Water Distiller + 12 carbon filters

Stainless Steel Water Distiller + 12 carbon filters
The best for Continued Water Distillation with 12 Reliable Carbon Filters

This water distiller is made from stainless steel to ensure that you produce the purest water right from your countertop. To enhance the water quality, this distiller comes with 12 carbon filters that are highly efficient and effective at separating water from possible impurities. You will also get a 4L glass jug for collecting the distilled water. The Stainless Steel Water Distiller guarantees the elimination of all chemical or biological debris and toxic substances from your water.

You will also enjoy a 12-month warranty that also represents the top quality of the distiller. A cleaning product is attached to help keep the glass jug and stainless distiller clean every time before and after purifying your water. You can use this distiller for multiple water cleaning activities such as waterfalls, dental products, vaporizers, humidifiers, CPAP machines, lead-acid batteries, engine cooling systems, steam irons, fish aquariums etc.

3 - Life Water Distillery Water Distiller

Life Water Distillery Water Distiller
Designed as an Eco-Worthy Water Distiller

This CE approved water distiller might be the best brand in the market because it comes with a rating voltage of 220V and works perfectly at a power of 750W. It will provide 1L of pure water for every hour of the purification process. The dimensions of the distillers inner space are 180 by 200 while the chamber size is 9.1″(D) x 15.4″(H). It features an aluminum electronic heater pipe that is built for strength and durability. It has a glass water collection bottle that can withstand temperatures of up to 246 °C.

You will operate the distiller with ease as it comes with a user manual that contains direct instructions. You will be assured of getting the cleanest, safest water that is free from all forms of chemical, biological, and physical contaminants. It features a seamless round shaped exterior. You can also travel with this distiller because it is lightweight and features a compact design that makes it easy to store.

4 - WATER DISTILLER + 4 Litre Jug

The Best Filter and Cleaner that Removes Fluoride, Chemicals, Metals, Bacteria

This White Stainless Steel Water Distiller comes with a 4L glass collection jug for maximum water purity. Upon purchase, you will also get a filter nozzle, an activated carbon filter, and 200g of water distiller residue cleaner. The collection jug will be full of pure water within 3.5 hours. Once this is done, the distiller will shut itself off automatically. It is easy to use because starting it only requires you to follow a few steps.

The water distillation process ensures that the water obtained is pure and safe for your health. This water will help improve fertility and reduce cancer cases. This is because the distiller gets rid of over 99.8 percent of all the pollutants, chemical and biological debris, and toxic compounds. Drinking distilled water is a sure way of detoxifying your body. Scientific research shows that the distilled water also helps in preventing Alzheimers Disease.

5 - H2o Labs Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller

H2o Labs Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller
The Best Water Distiller for VOC Removal

H2o Labs is one of the best water distillers of all time. You will get Activated Carbon Pods that last double the times you can use ordinary filters. Its filtering media is also three times more than that of the regular types. This ensures that the water obtained is in its purest state. The steam chamber and condensing coil are made from 100 percent stainless steel, which enhances their durability. The steel is Grade 304, which is considered to be the most versatile, hence its increased use. The plastic used is BPA free, which means it is food safe. For a guaranteed safety, a Glass Nozzle Insert is fitted so that the distilled water does not come in contact with the steel or plastic.

Upon purchase, you will get a glass decanter that is easy to lift, a large jar of non-toxic Cleaning Crystals in the event of hard water distillation, and a year’s supply of H2o Labs Exclusive Activated Carbon Pods.


Buying Guide for Water Distillers

What to Consider When Buying a Water Distiller

Size versus your water consumption

It is important that you take note of the amount of water your household or office consumes on a daily basis. This will help you determine the size of the distiller you should go for. It will also help you pick a distiller that distils a sufficient amount of water per day. You should note that some people love how distilled water tastes, implying that they may consume more when it is available.

Integration Level

There are distillers that will distil water immediately before you consume it, like in the case of the above-reviewed brands. This means that the equipment will only get to filter the water when you want to drink it. Other systems, however, are whole house and will ensure water is filtered before it is pumped into the house for use. You will need to buy a system that suits your needs best.

Installation Needs

When it comes to countertop distillers and filtration pitchers, you have to consider the simplicity of the installation process. This is because some distillation systems will even require professional help since you cannot DIY.


You should always go for the water distillers that are easy to clean. Check if the boiling chamber is removable and review the availability of the cleaning products or methods required. The simpler a distillers make the more convenient it is to maintain. You also need to account for the time needed to conduct the maintenance and determine how much it might cost if additional filters and other accessories are necessary.

Water Distillers


What are the common contaminants of water?
Chemicals, microbiological organisms, radiological elements, debris, soil etc.

What are the benefits of using distilled water?
Drinking plenty of water is important to our health. In fact, scientists recommend that we take at least 8 glasses of water every day. As such, you will enjoy many benefits from drinking or cooking with distilled water. Some of the benefits of using distilled water include energy boost, increased weight loss, better digestion, general body detoxification, and a glowing skin.

When your drinking or cooking water is distilled, barium, chlorine, copper, nitrites, nitrates, and all microorganisms are eliminated. This makes the water safe for ingestion.

You should also know that distilled water is significantly cheaper than the bottled mineral waters. As such, owning the best water distiller will help you save on cost.

Is distilled water safe for babies?
Of course, it is. Distilled water is free from impurities and toxic substances. Because of this level of purity, professionals agree that toddlers under 1 year of age are much safer if they consume distilled water. This way, their sensitive bodies do not have to ingest contaminated water.

How is distilled water used?
Some people love the taste of distilled water and prefer it to bottled mineral water. Some may even add minerals or salt into the distilled water to improve its taste. You can also use distilled water for cooking, especially when handling a baby’s food. This water also has industrial use in labs, aquariums, hospitals, and perfumeries. Its many uses are attributable to its level of purity.

It is imperative to note that the quality of distilled water depends on the distiller used and the distillation methods used.

Does distilled water contain any levels of chlorine?
Water is treated using chlorine. When it undergoes distillation, about 93-95 percent of the chlorine is removed. In case you want the water purer, you can use a carbon filter after distilling so that it can be 99.99 percent pure.

What is the pH of distilled water?
Neutral water should have a pH level of 7. When water is distilled, it gains a pH of 5, which makes it acidic. Nonetheless, this should not worry you because your stomach has a natural acidity with a pH level of between 1 and 2. The distilled water is said to be safer for your health as compared to the processed drinks that will mostly have a pH level of 2.6 to around 2.8.

Is boiling water the same as distilling it?
No. When water is boiled, you are a step away from distilling it. Water distillers allow boiled water to turn into steam. The vapour is then taken through a condensation process that cools it down. After this, the water is said to be distilled.

Why is distilled water healthy yet it has no minerals?
Tap water contains inorganic minerals that are removed during the distillation process. The safest drinking or cooking water is one with organic minerals. The distillation process makes sure to remove all the inorganic minerals. You can drink the distilled water and consume more fruits and vegetables for minerals. Alternatively, you can add minerals or salt to your water to give it taste and to improve its mineral level.

How much will it cost me to make distilled water using a countertop distiller?
Most countertop distillers make about 1 litre of water per hour, implying that a 4-litre glass collection bottle will be full in about 3.5 hours. If we assume that the average national energy is 8 cents for every kilowatt consumed per hour, then you will spend about 24-28 cents for every gallon produced.

After distilling my water, the boiling chamber is always left with a certain smell. What do I do?
The smell in the chamber results from the inorganic minerals and other contaminants that the distillation process removed from your water. To remove the smell, you should clean the boiling chamber and collection bottles with a cleaning powder after each distillation process.