Finding the best wallpaper remover steamer for your next project

Gone are the laborious days of spending hours scraping wallpaper. Thanks to hot vapour technology, power strippers remove the thick paper from walls within minutes. They operate with tap water to deliver chemical-free pressurized steam. The high-wattage devices come with a range of settings to make operation quick and easy. With so many choices on the market, you need to examine the features to determine the best unit to get the job done. I like machines that boil water quickly, have a flexible tube, and a light steam plate. Below, you will find my picks for the top five stripping power tools.

Our selection of the best Wallpaper Strippers / Steamers available in the UK market in 2018!

1. BLACK+DECKER KX3300T Wallpaper Stripper, 2400W
2. Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper
3. Silverline 128966, 2200W DIY Steam Stripper
4. Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper
5. Costway 2200W Professional Wallpaper Remover
1 - BLACK+DECKER KX3300T Wallpaper Stripper, 2400W

BLACK+DECKER KX3300T Wallpaper Stripper, 2400W
Light and Robust

The Black and Decker KX330T successfully removes vinyl, multi-layered paper, and textured coverings. With 2400 watts of power, it produces steam within 6 to 11 minutes of starting. Once this power tool reaches optimum temperature, I just apply the large cushioned steam plate to the wall. Pressurized steam causes the stubborn adhesive to lose its bond. The lightweight device has an easy-to-fill spout that fits under the tap. A water level indicator shows when the reservoir reaches the maximum capacity of 4 litres.

  • Safety release valves keep the machine from overheating
  • Thermal cut-off element prevents damage if the unit boils dry
  • Double-wall hose minimizes the surface temperature
  • Easy-to-carry handle for ease of movement

The KX3300T runs for approximately an hour before refilling is necessary. It features a flexible 3.65-metre hose and 3-metre cable, allowing you to move effortlessly to work on large areas at a time.

2 - Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper

Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper
Perfect Power Tool for Beginners

I appreciate the simplicity of this inexpensive stripping machine. Just fill the tank with tap water, allow it to heat for 12 minutes, and hold the steam plate against the wall. The hot vapour seeps through the wall covering, quickly dissolving the paste. The easy-to-use SS125UKP is a powerful 2000-watt unit that comes in handy for multiple applications. It has a versatile, compact design for quick and easy storage. Additionally, the device has several safety features.

  • External waterline allows you to monitor the water level
  • 3.7-metre cool-to-the-touch hose for safe operation
  • Pressure valve, anti discharge valve, and anti-suck back valve leakage and build-up
  • Broad steam plate handles large areas

Besides lifting wallpaper, the Earlex SS125UKP does a thorough job of removing surface paint and textured coatings like Artex. A 4-litre container provides up to 70 minutes of use, saving you time by reducing the number of refills.

3 - Silverline 128966, 2200W DIY Steam Stripper

Silverline 128966, 2200W DIY Steam Stripper
Affordable and Effective

The Silverline Steamer is an affordable solution for DIYers looking for a simple tool they can use like a pro. It operates at 2200 watts and delivers a powerful blast of steam to peel multiple layers in one pass. I used it to get rid of paint covered wallpaper in a guest bedroom. The 280 x 200 mm steam pad offers efficient steaming and ample coverage on large surface areas. A generous 4.5-litre container provides 70 minutes of work time without making a trip for another refill.

  • Heats quickly
  • Lightweight to reduce fatigue
  • Flexible 3-metre hose and long power cord for easy mobility
  • Tested and backed by a 3-year guarantee

The Silverline high-wattage stripper is easy to assemble. All it takes is a firm grip and a twist to screw on the hose and steam pad. A comfortable handle allows you to work tirelessly. It has a compact design to fit nearly any storage area.

4 - Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper

Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper
Long Running Time

Removing wall coverings is quick and easy with the cost-efficient Wagner W-14. I stripped a small bathroom in less than two hours. The machine is remarkably effective and powers through old paper and glue at 2000 watts. To use, unscrew the cap and fill the reservoir with tap water. A MAX indicator line lets you know when the container is full. Wait about 15 minutes for the water to boil after plugging in the unit. Then, set the steam plate on the wall. It only takes about 10 to 15 seconds for the pressurized vapor to saturate the paper and loosen the glue. Gently scrape off paper remnants.

  • 3.5-litre tank allows 70-minutes steam time
  • 3.5-metre hose gives you room to work without strain
  • Integrated cut-off switch prevents overheating
  • Large steam plate

The Wagner W-14 works on multi-layered surfaces, including Artex. It features a large 190 X 270 mm steam plate for quick paper elimination.

5 - Costway 2200W Professional Wallpaper Remover

Costway 2200W Professional Wallpaper Remover
Work like a Pro

If you want a heavy-duty stripping tool, the Costway Professional produces great results. Even multiple layers can’t slow this appliance down. The Costway Professional remover continuously monitors the temperature to prevent overheating. With a 4.5 litre capacity, the steamer operates for 70 minutes without interruption. Plus, it delivers 2200 watts of stripping power to remove multiple layers at once. It features a sizable 27 x 20 cm steam plate, allowing you to remove sheets and paint quickly and efficiently. The long, 3-meter hose extends your work area and gives you extra length to reach difficult areas.

  • Automatic cut-off
  • Softens glue quickly
  • Removes layers at a time
  • Easy to refill for working large rooms

After filling the tank, attach the hose and secure the connection before placing the cord in a power outlet. The lightweight steam and sturdy handle allows you to move effortlessly without tiring your arm muscles.

Wallpaper Steamer

Important FAQs

How is the temperature controlled?
The steamers contain a heating element that boils the water. Once the water reaches maximum temperatures it keeps it hot. If the water level decreases to a certain point, it trips a component inside the power tool to cut it off.

What is the maximum wattage?
Steamers can operate between 1500 and 2200 watts. The higher the wattage, the more power the tool uses to create steam.

What is the length of the hose?
The standard length of a steamer appliance hose is approximately 3-3.65 metres. Occasionally, you may find hoses outside this range. Also, the power cord contributes to the range of use.

How long can you operate a stripper without a refill?
Depending on the manufacturer, the power tool can run on steam from 60 to 90 minutes. Also, it depends on the reservoir’s filling capacity. The average time hovers around 70 minutes for tanks that can hold between 3.5 to 4.5 litres of water.

How long does it take for the steamer to heat up?
Each model uses different components to reach the temperature needed for operation. It may take as little as 10 minutes or as long as 30 minutes for the stripper to heat up to ideal temperatures.

Do you need to add a solution to the water?
No. The machines are designed to work free of chemicals. Plain tap water is all that is needed to generate pressurized steam to remove coverings from the wall.

Top Brands

Leading manufacturers like Black and Decker make a wide range of powerful steaming tools. In fact, they are perfect for DIYers. A large number of power strippers are surprisingly affordable, offering the opportunity to cut rental and labour costs. They also do a terrific job of removing unwanted wall coverings in a short time. When searching for a hot vapour machine, search for trusted brands. Moreover, look for the type of guarantee a company offers. A warranty tells you how much confidence a brand has that the product will perform as promised. I’ll share my favourite top five brands with you below.