Reviews: Best Vacuum Sealer Machine Available in the UK Market

There are several models and brands of food sealer machines available in the market in the UK. Which one to choose? Functions, aesthetics, and shape, vertical or flat, not all food savers (that’s the other name food sealer machines are known for) are the same. Those worried about food conservation and shelf life or just want to preserve the quality and freshness of food for longer should look into one of these machines. On this page, we’ll have a good look at a selection of machines available in the UK.

Our selection of the best vacuum sealer machines available in the UK market in 2019!

  1. Toyuugo Automatic/Manual Food Saver Machine

  2. ABOX V69 4 in 1 Portable Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

  3. Foodsaver Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

  4. Yocool Touch Screen Food Sealer

1 - Toyuugo Automatic/Manual Food Saver Machine

Toyuugo Automatic/Manual Food Saver Machine
Dry/Wet mode, Automatic/Manual mode

The Toyuugo Automatic/Manual Food Saver Machine is a multifunctional machine capable of four different functions: cutting function, seal, vacuum & seal and cancel. This unit works well with non-perishable and non-food items such as photos, jewellery, antiques, clothes, medication, paper documents,etc., everything that needs to be preserved and away from air corrosion and moisture-damaging effects. Its construction in premium metal and sleek design make sure it will look good on your countertop. Also works well with vacuum containers thanks to a handy vacuum hose accessory, not just plastic vacuum bags.

What we liked in a nutshell:

  • The compact size of 38 by 15.5 cm, saving space on your worktop or cupboard.
  • Truly multifunctional, it incorporates a cutting function, seal, vacuum & seal and cancel.
  • Can be used with non-food items.
  • Very light weighing only 1.6kg
2 - ABOX V69 4 in 1 Portable Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

ABOX V69 4 in 1 Portable Food Vacuum Sealer Machine
It keeps fresh up to 7 times longer than ordinary storage methods.

If you’re looking for a compact unit this one might be for you. The ABOX V69 4 in 1 measures only 36 by 15.7 cm, making it one of the smallest devices on the market today, alongside the Aobosi Food Sealer 4 in 1 which is also a compact machine, measuring only 43 by 11 cm. Besides being a space saver in your worktop, this unit is also a powerful machine removing air with an impressive ≥ -55 kpa. You will be able to check the status of the process with a LED light indicator positioned at the top of the unit. It comes with a SOFT MODE for bread, cookies and other soft and fragile foods.

What we liked in a nutshell:

  • Super compact machine and a space saver in the kitchen.
  • Powerful extraction
  • Soft mode for fragile foods
  • Automatic detection of plastic bag to start sealing process.
3 - Foodsaver FFS005 Vacuum Sealing System with Roll Storage

Foodsaver FFS005 Vacuum Sealing System with Roll Storage
Quick and easy to use

The Foodsaver FFS005 Vacuum Sealing System with Roll Storage is a premium unit that comes with lots of neat features. Such as the internal plastic roll storage. It does help you store food in your fridge and freezer keeping freshness up to five times longer versus other methods of storage and preservation such as conventional plastic bags and containers without air extracted from them. At 140 Watts, this unit is one of the most powerful that we’ve tested and compared.

Here’s what we liked in a nutshell:

  • It has an accessory port to be used in conjunction with a hose, which will let you extract the air from plastic containers, bottles and jars.
  • The integrated roll storage makes it easy to manage the plastic bag stock.
  • The “seal only” function will be useful if you just want to close a plastic pouch without extracting air from it.
  • The pulse function is great for vacuum sealing delicate items without damage.
4 - Yocool Touch Screen Food Sealer

Yocool Touch Screen Food Sealer
New design

The Yocool Touch Screen Food Seale is one cool machine. The current design packs some neat features such as intelligent LED indicator lights, which indicates the operational status of the vacuum sealer and very efficient heating filament sealing system. The reviews of this machine claim that it’s not only practical but also swift in extracting air out of plastic bags.


Vacuum Sealer


Vacuum Sealer Machine Buying Guide

Vacuum sealing is a popular method of preserving the freshness and nutrients in food, reducing waste and saving you money by extending the shelf life of veg, meat, poultry and tons of other foods. This is achieved by extracting the air, which keeps the contents of the sealed bag away from contact with air. When freezing leftovers or produce, it prevents freezer burn and locks in the freshness and taste up to five times longer than conventional storage methods such as plastic containers, zip-seal bags, foil and cling film.

Types of Vacuum Sealers

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers are best suited if you consider sealing bags containing liquid contents such as soups and sauces. They are operated by placing the bag in a chamber inside the machine, and a robust extraction functionality will extract the air from inside the machine leaving the contents intact. They differentiate from the conventional vacuum sealers by removing the air from the chamber, not the bag itself. For that reason, it can use thinner and less embossed bags than a regular unit which can result in savings in the long run.

External Vacuum Sealer

This is the type of unit covered in our reviews above. They are cheaper than chamber sealers, however, as mentioned, the bags could be a bit more pricey. They are smaller in size if you’re considering saving some space in your kitchen worktop or cupboard.

Hand pump for Sealing

Cheaper than the two types of units covered above is the hand pump. You can find online some kits available to choose from, some of them even come with a supply of plastic pouches to get you started as soon as you buy it. Nevertheless, we think that the ziplock water displacement method will achieve you better results than manual pumps.


  • Can I cook the food without opening the sealed bag?

Yes, you can. The cooking water in contact with the bag will result in a quicker and more even cooking.

  • Can I vacuum seal all types of foods?

Apart from one or two types of food, most types of food can be used with your unit. Vegetables or meats and poultry are safe; the exception is vegetables such as bok choy, Brussels sprouts and broccoli and other leafy salad types of vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and watercress. These are called cruciferous vegetables and are probably the only exception. Sealing soft cheeses such as blue cheese as well as mushrooms won’t be ideal either. As you probably guess, easily crushed salad types of foods such as lettuce and potato chips won’t be very recommended either.

How to Use a Vacuum Sealer correctly and safely

Often bags to use with your machine come in a roll. Cut the necessary length to cover all the food contents to be preserved.
Individual pouches are also very common. Either way, the process is very straightforward and easy.
Some machines come with a plastic roll dispenser inside; you only have to push enough length to cover the food and cut to size.
Now, all you need to do is to cut the bag using your machine’s cutting functionality and place one end of the bag into the sealer to activate the process. Some advanced machines will sensor the bag automatically and initiate the sealing by itself. If this sensor is not available in your model this part of the process is usually as easy as pressing a button, in any case, you should consider the automatic start functionality if you’re thinking to buy a machine because it’s time-saving as well as a very neat feature.

Once the machine finished sealing one end of the pouch, it’s time to place the food you want to seal inside and put the open and unsealed end of the bag into the machine. Again, some units will sensor the bag being placed inside and start extracting the air, or you can activate the process manually by pressing a button. More advanced models will also have different power settings for different foods, as well as pulse settings and wet and dry modes.

Sealing Plastic Containers and Jars

Some units have available an accessory port that works in conjunction with a hove also made available by some models. These accessories are to be used to vacuum and seal other containers such as canisters, jars, bottles, and plastic storing units. One of the uses you can give to this feature is to buy food items in bulk saving some money, and then divide the contents by several containers to use over time.

What Type of Bags will you need?

Buying branded bags, it’s not necessarily a requirement with many machines, fortunately. However, the temperature required to seal a bag differs from bag to bag type. For that reason, we recommend that you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for plastic type and thickness. In the eventuality of buying the wrong kind of bags, you can use the hose accessory of your machine with that batch of bags, and buy a different type next time.

Top Brands

FoodSaver: It been around since 2008. Jarden Consumer Solutions founded the brand adding it to a conglomerate of other 17 well-known brands of kitchen and homeware products.

Andrew James: Founded by two brothers in 2005, Andre and James, and rapidly expanding their product offering, becoming, these days, a household name with a reputation for quality.