Best body hair trimmer for shaving balls

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Manscaping, male intimate hair removal, is increasingly popular with all sorts of guys, conscious about not to let the hair growing too wildly down there. Many men are now opting to trim the pubic hair and hair removal around the groin area. From hygiene to style, there are many reasons to trim your pubic hair – and studies show that women like it better. So what are you waiting for? I’ll show you the best trimmers for your balls and scrotum and show you how to look after your genital hair with preparation tips, practical advice, and a review of the most common methods of manscaping.

Starting with the best trimmer for balls available in the UK market:

Philips Series 7000 Showerproof Body Groomer and Trimmer

One thing I really like about the Philips 7000 Showerproof body groomer and trimmer is the dual-sided design that makes it so easy to use when switching from one side to the other. It’s a true all-in-one trimmer.

It comes with two different trimmers serving different purposes: one side allows you to trim longer hair and the other allows a closer shave.

When trimming and shaving around the groin, scrotum, and pubic areas of your body, it requires a careful and precise operation. You want the best machine to cur down hair around your man’s jewels and this is it.

Another thing I like about the series 7000 is the design of its shaver tool, which has been crafted to get a great close shave and made me feel comfortable afterward.

The series 7000 also is a multi-purpose tool that’s suitable for manscaping everywhere below the neck – armpits, chest hair, back, etc. The method of trimming hair is the same for the rest of the body as it is for your man package, one side of the tools is used to cut the long hair and the other side to get a closer shave.

Water and using it in the shower is not a problem, because this product is waterproof. Cleaning is also easy by putting under the running tap water.

An ergonomic grip also comes handy, to get the nest precise shave.

How to trim body hair around your balls and scrotum

Male pubic hair

Male intimate hair removal can be time-consuming as it requires extra care due to the sensitivity of the area. Although not as simple as shaving, trimming pubic hair can be done easily, safely and effectively.

1 – Start by choosing an easy-to-clean place when done, such as a bathtub or toilet. Use scissors (or a body trimmer or hair clipper) to cut the longest hair until it is about half an inch. This will facilitate shaving as it prevents the blade from becoming blocked.

Avoid using a conventional electric razor. Loose skin on the scrotum area may get caught in it and cause trouble. Prefer a manual shaver.

2 – After trimming, take a shower to loosen the cropped hair and soften the skin. This will facilitate the shaving process.

3 – Cover the area with shaving foam. If possible, prefer a product suitable for sensitive and menthol-free skin.

Make sure the skin is well stretched and shave with gentle, short strokes against the hair root.

4 – Pull the penis down and scrape from the stem to the end of the hairy area, rising toward the navel. Then pull the penis to the side and scrape it inside, reaching the sides and side of the scrotum. Finally, pull the penis up and scrape down to the scrotum. Do not forget to stretch the scrotum skin to avoid cuts.

5 – Wash the area with mild soap and towel dry without rubbing the irritated area.

6 – Apply a moisturizing gel to reduce irritation. Aloe Vera gel is a good option as it is a natural product that leaves the skin smooth without burning.

Final considerations

Do not shave your hair very often: It’s there to protect the genital area from infections.

Avoid intimate hair removal before practicing sports because sweat salt can irritate the skin.

Exfoliate your skin before beginning the depilatory process. Exfoliation will remove dead cells and facilitate scraping.

If you are not comfortable shaving this area of ​​your body, do not. Maybe you’re being pushed to do it because it’s trendy, you see manscaped guys at the gym. Love your body as it is!