Best Projection Alarm Clocks In The Market in The UK Today: Our Reviews

Alarm clocks might be one of the most useful things we have in today’s society. Before the modern industrial era we mostly just used the sun to judge what time it was, and when we should wake up. But once clocks were invented it changed everything. Specific times for things could be set, like what time you start your workday. And since the ability to tell time was made readily available, it has become expected that you’ll be on time to things. But typical alarm clocks have their faults as well. You usually have to stretch and twist your body while you’re half asleep, just to see what time it is. That’s why the recent invention of projection alarm clocks is so amazing. These incredible inventions allow you to see the time projected onto the wall or ceiling in large easy-to-read print. Let’s take a look at some of the best projection clock radios o the market today.


Our selection of the best projection clocks available in the UK market!

1. Mpow LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port

2. Hosome Projection Alarm Clock

3. LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock

4. ROCAM Projection Alarm Clock Digital with USB Charging Port

5. Youshiko Radio Control Projection Clock

1 - Mpow LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port

Mpow LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port

The Mpow LED digital alarm clock is a modern, sleek, and feature-rich alarm clock that fits nicely next to anyone’s bed. The Mpow needs to be plugged into a mains outlet, but once connected allows you not only to see the time but will enable it to be projected onto your wall or ceiling.

If you have a  power-cut overnight, there are small built-in button cell batteries that will keep your clock’s memory intact and so will keep your clock working away once you’re power comes back on.


Key Features:

  • Clear, HD Digital Display
  • 9-Minute Snooze
  • AM/PM Display (or 24 hours)
  • USB Charging Port for additional usage
  • 3-Level’s of Brightness
  • Adjustable projector (reversible)
2 - Hosome Projection Alarm Clock

Hosome Projection Alarm Clock

The Hosome projection alarm clock is another modern yet attractive alarm clock that fits anywhere in the house that you need it to. The Hosome has several features, including a clear, high definition digital display that showcases three different brightness levels, so you don’t blind yourself in the morning. You also have the ability to snooze for 9 minutes when you’re just that little bit extra tired.

As with the other clocks in this list, the Hosome alarm clock is also a projection clock. The projections have further brightness levels and are crystal clear on any wall you put the projector on. The projector is also reversible should you want to move it around. If you’re concerned about a power cut, the Hosome also has a battery option, so should anything happen, you can always rely on the battery power.

The Hosome also has a USB charging port so you can charge your devices all from your new projection alarm clock.

Key Features:

  • Clear, HD Digital Display with three brightness levels.
  • Ability to Snooze
  • USB Charging port for additional usage.
  • The 4-Adjustable projection brightness levels.
  • Adjustable Projector (reversible)
  • Powered by USB, however, can use AAA Battery.
3 - LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock

LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock

The Liorque projection alarm clock is another excellent projection alarm that you can use anywhere in your house. The modern design and well-built alarm clock have several features that will be used in more ways than just a clock. The Fast USB charging port allows you to safely charge your device overnight without worrying about loss of power or degradation.

The HD projection shows an ultra-clear time onto your wall or ceiling that can be rotated 180* no matter where you are or where the clock is. This projection also has four different brightness levels, which again can help should you be prone to bright lights in the morning.

Something else that the Liorque projection alarm clock has that others don’t is the FM radio that is built into the system, should you want to listen to the radio during the day, or just before you go to bed, or as you wake up. The listening opportunity is limitless.

Key Features:

  • Fast USB Charging Port to charge your devices overnight safely.
  • HD Projection, to show an ultra-clear time onto the ceiling. (180* rotatable)
  • The 4-adjustable brightness levels of the time.
  • Both 12 and 24 hour times.
  • 9-minute snooze timer.
  • FM Radio integrated.
4 - ROCAM Projection Alarm Clock Digital with USB Charging Port

ROCAM Projection Alarm Clock Digital with USB Charging Port

The Rocam projection alarm clock is another clock that can make any bedroom look great with the projected time. The Rocam projection alarm has both 12 and 24 hour times that you can set to your preference. The display is a high-quality, HD digital display that has three brightness levels.

You also can vary the level of the audio when your alarm buzzes in the morning, with 15 different volume levels, and should you want to sleep in; there is also a 9-minute snooze timer that you can press to wake up that little bit easier.

The projection itself is also of excellent quality, with 180* of flip protection, and allows for a crisp projection on your wall or ceiling. The Rocam alarm clock also has a USB charging port to help charge your devices overnight should you want to.

Key Features:

  • Both 12 and 24-hour time-set.
  • HD, crisp digital display.
  • 9-Minute snooze timer.
  • 1-15 Adjustable volume for your alarm.
  • Fast USB Charging port to safely charge your devices.
  • Dual Alarm setting.
  • Three brightness levels for the digital display.
  • 180* Flip projection protection.
5 - Youshiko Radio Control Projection Clock

Youshiko Radio Control Projection Clock
This clock is perfect for creative types who want to bring a little bit of colour and variety into their alarm clock. It uses a colour-changing display that is very pleasing to the eye, and it has all the normal features you would expect for any other projection clock radio. A temperature display and dual alarm function are included so you can set different alarms on the same clock and see what the temperature is as well. It also displays the weekday, calendar, and time. The projector is able to do a 180 flip and the projection arm adjusts to different angles. It is able to project up to 256 colours as well as 8 rainbow colours.

Key Product Features:

  • 2 Color Changing Mode
  • Radio Controlled Clock
  • Adjustable Projection Arm
  • Dual alarm
  • Snooze Function


What to look for when buying an alarm clock with a projection?

USB Charging Port

More often than not, many of us use our phones as alarms, but this can often result in being woken up by other notifications at the wrong time. With this alarm clock, not only are you able to prevent those notifications, but you can also charge your phone up through the alarm clock itself.

Using the USB charging port, you can charge up any devices that use a USB cable, as more often than not, you have a USB end on a charger. This would include devices such as phones, tablets, and even small portable fans should you wish to you a fan with your projection alarm clock.


Something we’ve already mentioned in our top picks is that some of these projection alarm clocks have radios built-in. If you’re someone who likes to wake up and get a quick brief of all the news happening in the world or simply want to listen to music, then some projection alarm clocks have the option of an FM radio.

Although not directly configurable, you’re able to set up to listen to a specific FM radio station when you need to, whether it be as you wake up, as you go to sleep, or even just throughout the day whenever you feel you need it. This can be a great addition to your alarm clock as a bonus.

Weather station (temperature, humidity, etc.)

Another feature that some of these clocks have is the ability to tell you the weather and act as their own weather station. These types of projection alarm clocks are not always entirely accurate; however, they are a great addition and can be an excellent way to start your day.

Using its own sensors, or if your projection alarm clock is a smart one, they pick up on stats such as temperature, humidity, and other stats like pressure to build an assessment on how the weather is that day. This can be handy if you like to wake up and know what kind of weather you’re likely to have that day. If it’s cold, maybe just stay in bed!

Large display

If you, like most people, have a terrible vision in the morning when you first wake up, trying to read small text can be a nightmare. Having a large display on a projection alarm clock, on both the alarm clock display and the projection can not only help you read what’s showing but can also keep your eyes from adjusting too fast.

These large displays come on most projection alarm clocks because there is nothing else they need on the digital display. The projections can often be enhanced, too, depending on how close you are to the surface where the time is projecting. Getting the right display is crucial, and one with a large display is often an excellent place to start.

Large Snooze button

Don’t you just love hearing the annoying sound of an alarm and having to press every button on your alarm just to snooze. We know how you feel and understand that having a larger snooze button can differentiate between buying one clock and another.

Finding a projection alarm clock with a large and usually centred snooze button can be very important if you like to hit snooze more often than not. Thankfully, most brands on the market currently have a larger than average snooze button, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to find.


Most projection alarm clocks already have this, but the dimmable option for both the projected time and the digital display time can be essential. As we’ve already mentioned, a large display can help your eyes adjust at the right speed and help with vision throughout your waking up process.

Having a dimmable display and projected time can not only help your eyes adjust, but it will also not bother you when you’re trying to sleep, should your alarm clock be close enough to cause light interference with your eyes, despite your eyes being closed.

Keeping your projected time and display dimmed will also help save battery if you plan on using a battery-powered projected alarm clock.

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