Best manual and electric pasta makers

Whether you are an expert in the kitchen or just looking to create fresh and healthy meals, investing in a pasta maker can be an exciting choice for your family. Although there is nothing wrong with most pre-packaged pasta that is available worldwide, a true food lover can really appreciate the difference that fresh pasta can make a meal. Many families are becoming more interested in making healthier choices in their diet. With a pasta maker in your home, you can avoid any preservatives or unwanted additives by making fresh noodles in your own kitchen.

With any purchase that you are looking to make for your home, you want to be sure that you are getting the best product for your needs and for your money. It can be difficult to weed through the endless options that are available and to be sure that you are making the right purchase. We can help you make a great choice by using our guide to choose the best pasta maker that fits your needs. Our comparisons and review will help you in making an informed decision. We want you to buy the perfect machine for you.

Our selection of the best pasta makers available in the UK market in 2018!

  1. World of Flavours Italian Deluxe Double Cutter Pasta Machine

  2. Marcato Atlas 150

  3. Imperia Italian Double Cutter

  4. TKG Electric Pasta Maker with 5 Attachments

  5. Philips HR2332/11 Viva Collection Pasta and Noodle Maker

  6. Imperia Pasta Presto Electric

1 - World of Flavours Italian Deluxe Double Cutter Pasta Machine

World of Flavours Italian Deluxe Double Cutter Pasta Machine
This manually powered pasta maker has been recently redesigned by its manufacturer based on their customer feedback on issues that are most important to users. Knowing what is important to their customers is an excellent way to be able to provide a quality product that has everything that the user will need. Built to last, this machine is made from heavy-duty chrome plated base with stainless steel rollers.

You can make fettuccine, lasagna or tagliatelle pasta with this unit using the detachable dual cutter for quick noodle making. The length is completely up to you and the rollers are fully adjustable for up to 9 different thickness settings depending on your preference. The pasta maker comes with a sturdy table clamp that will keep it in place and secure.

Cleaning is a breeze using only a damp cloth and pastry brush for access to the tighter spots. This unit is a traditionally styled and durable option for any kitchen and comes with a one year guarantee. A reasonably priced option that will allow you to make fresh-tasting meals whenever you want.

2 - Marcato Atlas 150

Marcato Atlas 150
The Marcato brand of pasta makers has been a popular option for many years. All of their pasta makers are manufactured in Italy at the original factory using the same attention to detail and quality that has made them famous. This is a manual unit but does come with an attachable motor to make it an automatic unit, along with multiple pasta attachments for a variety of noodle options.

The rollers and blades are made of the highest quality anodized aluminium and made with a patented process that keeps them working for the long term. The body of the pasta maker is made from cast iron and stainless steel giving it long lasting durability. They Marcato brand honours their Promise of Lifetime” that no harmful particles will ever enter your pasta from their blades or rollers

There is a ten litre capacity per batch which gives you plenty of room to make your choice of spaghetti, linguini, fettuccine, lasagna or tagliolini noodles. The size adjustment knob gives you a thickness range from 0.3mm – 2.5mm to accommodate all of your needs.

This is a great machine for those who are serious about making their own pasta at home. Choose from 9 different fashionable colours that will compliment any kitchen. The Muscato pasta makers all come with a 3-year warranty on all parts giving you extra peace of mind in making your purchase.

3 - Imperia Italian Double Cutter

Imperia Italian Double Cutter

This stainless steel pasta maker is equipped with tough chrome plated double cutting blades making it a tough and reliable manual choice for your kitchen. The detachable handle allows you to move it around your workspace with ease and safety. It comes with a tabletop clamp that can attach to any work surface up to 2” to keep it securely in place while working.

You have the choice of making fettuccine or tagliatelle noodles to add fresh homemade flavour to your favourite recipe. Numerous other cutting blade designs are available from the manufacturer at a reasonable cost and can be added at the time of your purchase. The pasta rollers can be adjusted to 6 different thickness settings so you can make noodles to any width you prefer with just a turn of the dial.

The sleek and simple design of this machine is a dream to clean up. All you need is a soft damp cloth and a pastry brush for a quick and easy wipe down. The stainless steel and chrome construction keeps this machine in top shape with no deterioration or rusting for years of at home pasta creation for you to enjoy.

Our Top Picks for Electric Pasta Makers

1 - TKG Electric Pasta Maker with 5 Attachments

TKG Electric Pasta Maker with 5 Attachments
This compact and lightweight electric pasta maker comes with a 200-watt motor and has a generous batch capacity of 360g. This is an easy to operate pasta makers dream that can have a full batch of your favourite noodles completed in 10 minutes. Perfect for the busy gourmet.

The TKG Pasta Maker is designed to do all the work for you. Most of the effort in making your own pasta at home is spent in the making of the dough, but with this machine, you can save some time as it does it all for you. Right from the mixing, kneading and forming this machine does it all. Make a full family serving of fresh noodles with hardly any effort or time.

There are 4 noodle style attachments for this unit to give you choices between spaghetti, linguini rigatoni or tagliatelle noodles. The added bonus that comes with purchase is a specially designed sausage making attachment. Make your own batch of bratwurst in a flash and let the machine do all the work. Clean up couldn’t be easier with the detachable mixing bowl and blades that can be popped into the dishwasher safely to help you clean up in just minutes.

5 - Philips HR2332/11 Viva Collection Pasta and Noodle Maker

Philips HR2332/11 Viva Collection Pasta and Noodle Maker

You can’t go wrong with this electric pasta and noodle maker that is from the #1 maker in Italy. Known for their excellent craftsmanship, Phillip’s has created a unique machine that does nearly all the work for you. It comes with a 150-watt motor and can quickly push out 450 grams of pasta per batch. Enough to feed to the hungriest family of pasta lovers.

This elegant addition to any kitchen can mix, knead and form your pasta mix into any popular shape. If your favourite recipe calls for spaghetti, penne, fettuccine or lasagna you can have it ready in under 15 minutes ready to throw in the pot. It also features a convenient storage drawer to keep all of your blade accessories and cords neatly tucked away.

The compact shape of this unit won’t take up too much valuable counter space that you need for cooking. The detachable rollers, blades and mixing bowl can be put straight into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Try some of the dozens of recipes that come with the free cookbook that comes with purchase. A one year guarantee gives you peace of mind in making the best purchase.

6 - Imperia Pasta Presto Electric

Imperia Pasta Presto Electric

This compact and heavy duty pasta maker is constructed of solid stainless steel giving it a heavy base that stays securely in place without having to be clamped to your preparation surface. The built-in chrome-plated cutting rollers allow you to make your choice of fettuccine or tagliatelle noodles right in your own kitchen. There are additional cutting blades for a larger variety of pasta shapes that are available from the manufacturer. Choose 6 different thickness settings on the dial to get the pasta that is just right for your taste. The simple, more traditional shaping design of this unit allows for easy cleaning with only a soft damp cloth. It comes with an ultra quiet 85-watt motor and stowable cord to keep things neat in your kitchen. You can save yourself a ton of prepping time with this pasta maker by letting it do all the heavy work for you. You barely have to get your hands dirty while this machine does all of the mixings, kneading and shaping for you. The easy to use design will be a pleasure to create with for any kitchen gourmet.

Buying Guide

With the vast amount of different brands and styles of pasta makers on the market for your home, it can be tough to weed through the crowd to make sure that you are making the best purchase for you. When making any type of purchase, many people stick to the adage that you get what you pay for, but in today’s market that isn’t necessarily true. Depending on your needs, it is entirely possible to keep your bank from breaking with an affordable option that will meet all of your needs.

The most important thing to know is what exactly are your needs in a new pasta maker. There are many criteria to consider when looking for a new appliance, and once you have a better idea of what you want, the search can be much easier. Think about some of the following questions to help you narrow down your search:

How often will you be using the pasta maker?

  • If you are a casual cook that is looking to make fresh pasta just a few times a year a manual unit will do just fine.
  • If you plan on making pasta several times a month and are looking to save time, an electric unit can get the job done for you in less time

How many pasta options are you looking for?

  • Most units come with 3-4 options for the type of noodles that you can create. Make sure that you know what varieties are available so that you can be sure that your favourites are on the list.
  • Some companies have a variety of cutting blades that are available to be bought separately by the manufacturer.

What are the reviews?

  • The best and most honest information on any product comes directly from the consumer. Before making a decision to buy, take a look at some of the customer reviews to find out what real buyers are saying about the products.

Making pasta at home has become a popular trend in kitchens worldwide in recent years. Many people are looking for a healthier fresher choice for their families and this increase in popularity has made the prices more affordable for the average at-home gourmet.

Quality is always important, especially when talking about appliances for your kitchen. No one wants to prepare food for their families with equipment that is questionable. Do your research about the companies that make pasta makers and consider the materials they use to make their products. Better quality materials and design will nearly always guarantee a longer lasting appliance.

The most important and basic choice in pasta makers is whether you will want to get a traditional manual machine or one with an electric motor. There are pros and cons to each style and the choice is entirely dependant on what your own needs are. If you prefer to make the dough on your own and are only planning to do it occasionally, then a manual pasta maker may be good for you. Beginners in the kitchen or chefs with a busy schedule may prefer the speed and convenience of an electric model. The choice is entirely up to you but let’s take a quick look at the main points of both styles.


Manual Pasta Makers

  • Generally much lower in price
  • No need to plug in so can be used in any space
  • Are best for creating longer pasta styles
  • Durable heavy-duty design with less moving parts that can be damaged
  • Requires more time and effort to create each batch


Electric Pasta Makers

  • Generally higher in price
  • More parts that can potentially break
  • Saves a lot of time in preparation
  • Does mixing, kneading and shaping on its own
  • A larger variety of pasta types can be made




How long will the average pasta maker last?

The length of proper service that you can get out of a pasta making machine is entirely dependant on how much it is used and if proper maintenance is done on the unit. The more it is used, the more wear and tear will occur. Machines that are not properly cleaned or oiled can break down much easier.

How do you clean the blades?

 With manual units the blades and rollers are in fixed permanent positions so they need to be cleaned along with the rest of the unit. It is recommended by most manufacturers that you use a damp soft cloth for wiping down and a soft pastry brush to get into the harder to reach places.

On electric style pasta makers, many of the parts can independently be removed and put into the dishwasher for cleaning.

What do you use to lubricate/oil your pasta maker?

As long as your pasta maker is given a complete cleaning after every use there is minimal maintenance that is required. Manufacturers recommend using light mineral oil for the roller gears annually or after 50 uses.