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When purchasing an oil filled radiator, there are many factors to think about and can quickly become overwhelming.  Being portable, timer settings and efficient thermostat are top of the top features to bear in mind. Aesthetics and how the radiator fits into the décor of your room is also very important. Other times, the actual heating power (voltage) of the radiator is the deciding factor. No matter your preferences, there is an oil filled radiator out there that will best suit the needs of you and your house. To save you some work, we’ve looked through all of the top products out there and selected the best of the best that will fit a variety of needs.

Our selection of the best oil filled radiators available in the UK market in 2017!

1. VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin, 2500W
2. Warmlite WL43002Y 5 Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator, 650 W
3. Dimplex 2 KW Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator
4. Kingavon BB-OR110 7-Fin Slimline Oil Filled Radiator
5. De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator with Timer, 2 KW
1 - VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin, 2500W

VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin, 2500W
Adjustable and Safe Radiator. 24 hour timer.

This radiator has 2500 Watts of power which is perfect for heating medium to large-sized rooms and office spaces. One of its best features is that it’s highly adjustable, with three different power settings, an adjustable thermostat control, and a 24-hour timer that lets you set an on-off schedule for the radiator whenever it is most convenient. This radiator is also extremely safe with a thermal cut-off to prevent dangerous overheating, a safety switch in case of tip-overs, and a built-in cable tidy to remove the risk of tripping over cluttered cables. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, this device may come with two years of manufacturer warranty (check with the merchant). It’s sleek, unobtrusive grey and white design fit easily into many home layouts and decor schemes as well.

2 - Warmlite WL43002Y 5 Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator, 650 W

Warmlite WL43002Y 5 Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator, 650 W
Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Conscious Radiator

This 650 Watt Heater is compact and portable, perfect for heating a small bedroom or office space. An adjustable thermostat lets you easily create and adjust a perfectly comfortable temperature. The special energy-efficient heating system means that this radiator heats up especially quickly but still produces extended, steady warmth even on low energy settings. This feature makes the radiator more environmentally conscious as well by reducing energy and oil consumption. To put your mind at ease when leaving it unattended at home, the machine features an automatic power shut-off in the event of overheating.

3 - Dimplex 2 KW Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator

Dimplex 2 KW Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator
A Radiator with Radiant, Non-Drying Heat

This oil-filled column radiator has a substantial heat output of 2 kilowatts and can be operated on two different heat settings as well as a frost setting that prevents the machine from freezing under extreme temperatures. Its unique engineering design means that the heat is produced and warms the actual body of the radiator instead of warming the surrounding air. This results in a pleasant glow of heat that is not excessively drying and forceful. This machine comes in a neutral white colour and features an integrated cable tidy as well as easy glide castors and an integrated carrying handle to make transport and storage that much easier.

4 - Kingavon BB-OR110 7-Fin Slimline Oil Filled Radiator

Kingavon BB-OR110 7-Fin Slimline Oil Filled Radiator
Easily Cleanable and Adjustable Radiator

This radiator has an adjustable thermostat with three different heat settings so that it’s easy to set a room to your perfect temperature. It runs on 1.5kW and can heat an entire room in a short amount of time. It’s compact, black design, carry handle, and built-in cable storage feature makes the radiator very portable, and it fits into any corner to become an unobtrusive part of your dŽcor. It’s open, an easy-clean feature also makes cleaning out any dust or dirt no chore at all.

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De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator with Timer, 2 KW
Adjustable Radiator with An Efficient Chimney Design

This De’Longhi Dragon radiator is designed to be both elegant and functional, with a brilliant white colour, a sleek and uncluttered design, and 2kW of heat output. It passes air through its unique “chimney” design and cold air is channelled through the hottest part of the radiator, which accelerates hot air through vents for especially effective heating and providing a fast flow of hot air that quickly warms an entire room. An enlarged fin shape is part of what causes this efficient “chimney” effect. Its new enlarged battery design means it provides much more radiant surface than many other radiators and ensures faster airflow emission and increased chimney effect for even faster heating. Other great features include three heat settings as well as an anti-frost setting, a safety feature that cuts the power in the event of an overheat, an automatically regulating room thermostat, and integrated cable storage.

Oil Filled Radiators

Oil Filled Radiator Buying Guide

Even when the best of the best for oil filled radiators are so neatly summarized for you as they are above, it can still be hard to decide which radiator would be best for your home or office. When buying an oil filled radiator, three of the most important factors to consider are size, material, and design.

1 – Size

Size of a radiator is extremely important, especially when trying to heat a small or cluttered room or office space. Nobody wants to buy a machine, take it home, and then find out that it doesn’t fit well into the room and must be returned. Detailed product descriptions of most radiators – such as Amazon or manufacturer pages – often list the exact dimensions of a radiator. It is useful to double-check these measurements with measurements of the space available in the room before actually purchasing a radiator. This way you will easily be able to tell if you need a more compact radiator before making your final purchase.

2 – Material

The material is also a great concern when picking a radiator. You definitely want a machine that is durable and will function correctly for a long period of time, while still looking aesthetic and fitting into the décor of your room. Materials that are easily cleanable and resistant to rust are also ideal. Steel is one of the best material choices – some manufacturers even coat the steel with a layer of enamel for added protection and ease of cleaning.

3 –  Design

A third factor that must be taken into account when choosing an oil filled radiator for your home or office space is the design of the radiator. The design is important when it comes to matters of user-friendliness, portability, safety, and special features. The fins and heating elements, in particular, must be well designed in order to ensure that your machine functions optimally and presents no safety hazards. Radiators with taller fins are generally cooler to the touch than the small radiators, which is definitely something to consider if there are animals or small children in your home who might accidentally touch a hot radiator. If your radiator will need to be moved around or carried between rooms, it is important to consider the mobility features. Many machines come with wheels, which makes transport much easier. Integrated carry handles are another feature to look out for if you want a more portable machine.



How safe are oil filled radiators?

They are extremely safe. Oil filled radiators work by warming up a special heat-conserving oil. The oil is then circulated throughout the coils of the radiator and heat spreads by convection and radiation into the room.  One way this heating system can be considered safe is that the unit doesn’t rise to an extraordinary temperature like infrared radiators. Another safety features that most models include a tip-over safety switch that shuts the unit if it’s knocked over. Additionally, most radiators feature automatic shut off switches in case of overheating.

Does the oil need to be replaced?

No, oil filled radiators don’t need to have their oil replaced. The oil is secured safely inside a sealed chamber, which is designed to prevent any leaks or spills.

Are there any tips for storing an oil filled radiator?

Never move or store a radiator when it is still hot. Make sure the device is turned off and (preferably) unplugged and completely cooled down before attempting to move it. For storage, if the device has an integrated cable tidy make sure that this is being used. Use its wheels or carry handle to transport. Store your radiator in a dry place to make sure that water doesn’t seep into any cracks in the design, or cause it to rust.

How can I clean my oil filled radiator?

Before cleaning the appliance, make sure it is turned off and unplugged. Use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the radiator. .Never use abrasive products, as these may damage the surface finish. It is recommended to clean the inside and outside of the grills/fins on your radiator at least once a year (using a vacuum cleaner where necessary) to make sure that excessive amounts of dust don’t build up.

Are there any other tips for general use of oil filled radiators?

Never insert any objects into the body or parts of the radiator. Always keep the machine out of reach of children, animals or people with disabilities who might not know how to use it properly and could risk injuring themselves. Never use the radiator in spaces where there is any potential risk of fire. If the power cord, safety switches, or any other part of your radiator gets damaged, be sure to contact the manufacturer for the best way to fix it.

Best Brands for Oil Filled Radiators

Reviews of specific oil filled radiator models can definitely be helpful, but sometimes it is more helpful to have a more general list. This is where best brand lists come into play. If you are looking to purchase an oil filled radiator, keep an eye out for the following listed brand names and the likelihood of you purchasing a reliable, aesthetic, and safe radiator are greatly increased. This isn’t to say that other brands are bad – however, these brands have consistently proven themselves to produce quality products, often at very reasonable prices.

Top Five Brands



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