Finding the best kitchen chef blow torch for your crème brulée and more

creme brulee

Looking to finish off a freshly prepared crème brulée or roasting vegetables without using the convection oven? Cooking good food is not difficult, the key is to have the tools you need. A very practical tool is the kitchen blowtorch, the secret weapon used by many chefs to come up with the best finish touches in many recipes. Speaking about the crème brulée, caramelizing the sugar at the top is absolutely mandatory. To accomplish that you’ll need one of these.

There are several models on the market, but which one is best? This buying guide offers you a selection of the most popular products on the market, plus, read on to learn what to look for when buying a kitchen blowtorch in the United Kingdom.

Our selection of the best kitchen blow torch available in the UK market in 2019!

1. Andrew James Kitchen Blow Torch

2. Bond Hardware® Blow Torch

3. Blow Torch, Kollea Butane Kitchen Lighter

4. Spicy Dew Blow Torch

5. Finether Kitchen Flame Torch

1 - Andrew James Kitchen Blow Torch

Andrew James Kitchen Blow Torch
Professional Kitchen Blow Torch

Most likely, this is one of the best tools you’ll find being sold in the UK, the high-quality Andrew James Kitchen Blow Torch. It has many useful features and is perfect for 5-star Michelin chefs and wannabe cooks. This wonderful tool can be used for:

  • Browning Meat and Vegetables
  • Caramelizing Sugar in Desserts
  • Sear Fish
  • Light your stove, wood burner, and barbecue
  • Warm your knives to cut frozen desserts and so much more!
  • Crème brulée

All you need to do is use your creative mind! The colours of this blow torch is red and black and very stylish exterior design. It’s metal made and comfortable to hold. It can be used easily by those who are either right-handed or left-handed. It includes a safety lock. The Andrew James Torch has a countertop stand to prevent it from falling, a handguard, and uses butane gas. It is considered a butane torch in which you can adjust the flame and it is very easy to refill the gas. The amount it takes to refill the torch is 16g of a butane gas container. In a nutshell, this is the torch I would go for if I was in the market for one right now. It has everything you’ll need and it won’t break the bank for you.

2 - Bond Hardware® Blow Torch

Bond Hardware® Blow Torch
With Gas Refills Included

The Bond Hardware Kitchen Blow Torch is a great choice for professionals because it has unbeatable features and the design suits its use. It makes cooking and baking easy and simple as it is designed to fit in your hand easily, has an anti-flare device, automatic ignition, and can heat up to 1300c. This kitchen gadget is worth purchasing as it is refillable, with gas included, and comes with 8 butane gas refills.

Having 8 butane gas refills ensures you a long-lasting product, so this product can definitely be a budget product worth what it claims to provide. This design’s aesthetic is made with the use of vibrant colours. This multipurpose blowtorch can be used not only for cooking and baking, but for lighting up your stove, doing DIY projects, and much more. It is best used on delicious desserts for caramelizing sugar, brazing marshmallows, and even browning or giving a broiled look to your dish. Much can be accomplished with this blow torch, but all it takes is for you to use your imagination and let the Bond Hardware Blow Torch assist you in creating your masterpiece.

3 - Blow Torch, Kollea Butane Kitchen Lighter

Blow Torch, Kollea Butane Kitchen Lighter
Sleek and Professional

The first thing that comes to your attention about the Kollea Butane Kitchen Lighter is the professional and classy appearance it has. This product is made of metal with attention-grabbing colours, red and silver.

Some of the amazing features and product uses it provides are as follows:

  • Has adjustable flame in which the max is 2400F
  • Refillable with butane gas only, but not included
  • Security Lock
  • 8-10g Butane Gas Capacity
  • Can be used for other than cooking and baking
  • 6-inch Long Flame
  • 18 months Replacement Guaranty

It can be used for cooking, baking, toasting, broiling, etc. This torch has a windproof flame and allows you to use it for outdoor activities, such as BBQ’s, camping, and other outdoor activities in need of a blow torch. The security lock feature prevents accidents and is a child-resistant safety lock. This gadget is made of heat resistant material, therefore, it ensures you a long-lasting blow torch. Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to use with a quick ignition switch. With its 6-inch long flame, it stands out, has a better use, and is considered a to be a flame gun.

4 - Spicy Dew Blow Torch

Spicy Dew Blow Torch
British Brand, British Made

The Spicy Dew Blow Torch offers high quality in its function and design. Based in the United Kingdom, this product is from a British brand and offers customer service from the United Kingdom as well. This flame gun uses butane gas and can be easily refilled with butane gas. The flame on this product can burn up to 60 minutes and can be heated up to a hot 2372F! The product features include:

  • Use for toasting, roasting, caramelizing, and melting foods as well as used for outdoor activities and soldering.
  • Anti-flare Technology
  • Safety Lock
  • Refillable with Butane Gas (Not Included)
  • Fuel Gauge Window
  • Hand Protection Guard
  • Easy to Use For Preciseness
  • 3-Year Warranty

The commenters and reviewers of this product online all agree that this is a stable, sturdy, and functioning with high quality. Many have repurchased the Spicy Dew Blow Torch. It is a perfect choice for your needs and makes a great gift for your loved ones. This tool is worth its price. Buy now and if you have any problems or concerns, you have a money-back guarantee for as long as 90 days.


5 - Finether Kitchen Flame Torch

Finether Kitchen Flame Torch
Truly Multipurpose

This flame torch is not only a crème brulée torch but a blow torch that has many uses and significant features. It is amazing and definitely a budget product. It is an extremely easy and safe product as it has functions and features that make this possible. The Blow Torch features include:

  • Used for projects, camping, cooking, and baking
  • Flame Temperature from 1200C to 2192F
  • Burning Gas Tank lasts up 30-40 minutes
  • Adjustable Flame
  • 12g Gas Capacity
  • Gas Level Window
  • Hand Gaurd
  • Bottom Stand
  • Safety Lock
  • The flame lasts for an hour

The Finether Kitchen Blow Torch is handy, safe, and lightweight. It uses butane gas, but there are no butane gas bottle refills that are included. According to customers with verified purchases, they can all agree this Blow Torch is sturdy, easy to use, functional, and worth its price.