Best hibachi grills: top 4 in the market right now

Hibachi Grills
Looking to add a Japanese touch to your cooking style? Do you love barbecuing meat and vegetables for friends and family?

In this article, you’ll learn about the Hibachi cooking style and then we’ll recommend our best Hibachi grills, so you can create delicious dishes at home.

What is a hibachi grill?

A Hibachi grill is a small porcelain bowl with charcoal inside designed for warming interiors. Interestingly enough, the actual Hibachi was not used for cooking but rather for heating rooms.

Hibachi-style is the westernized version of Japanese grills. You can find a wide variety of cast iron hibachi-style grills, which we’ll discuss later.

Our selection of the best hibachi grills available in the UK market in 2020!

1. Severin PG 2790 Electric Barbecue Grill

2. Philips HD6370/91 Smokeless Indoor and Outdoor Grill

3. TEBURU Table Top Charcoal Mini BBQ grill

4. Kbabe Portable BBQ Grill with Fan

1 - Severin PG 2790 Electric Barbecue Grill

Severin PG 2790 Electric Barbecue Grill
Grill can be detached for cleaning or storage

If you’re looking to barbecue without smoke and charcoal, the Severin PG 2790 is a great choice because it’s electric. While it’s smaller than most grills, it does provide enough grill-area (1066 square cm) to cook a wide variety of dishes.

On top of that, every part of the grill can be detached for cleaning or storage. It also doesn’t create much smoke or smell, making it a great choice for balcony barbecues. If you’re afraid of open-flame, or you just prefer electric, I recommend this grill.

It’s extremely portable and light (3.6 kilos), so you can take it with you pretty much anywhere that has a power outlet. The downside would be it’s not suitable for camping because you probably won’t be able to find a sufficient power source. The wattage is 2,500 watts.

Overall, the Severin PG 2790 gets the job done, without the risk of open-flames and smoke. A great choice for apartments. Very budget-friendly as well.

2 - Philips HD6370/91 Smokeless Indoor and Outdoor Grill

Philips HD6370/91 Smokeless Indoor and Outdoor Grill
Reliable and high-quality electronic grill

If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality electronic grill, then you can’t go wrong with the Philips HD6370. For starters, Philips is a well-known electronics brand. They have a good reputation for creating highly durable products.

The Philips HD63070 is a mid-range electric grill. One notable feature is the grill is designed in a way that minimizes smoke. You can use this grill indoors or outdoors, it’s up to you. Another interesting feature is the infrared technology. The product uses advanced infrared reflectors to evenly distribute heat.

The grill itself is made from non-stick aluminum, so it’s very easy to clean. You can also remove the grill and tray to wash the product. They claim the grill takes less than a minute to clean.

All in all, a very good choice. Philips has a good reputation and they usually provide great warranties and customer support too.

3 - TEBURU Table Top Charcoal Mini BBQ grill

TEBURU Table Top Charcoal Mini BBQ grill

Moving on from electronic grills, we have the Teburu Mini Table Top BBQ Grill. Now, this particular product is perfect for couples or small families. Instead of electronic, it’s charcoal-based, and the base is covered in Japanese writing to add a more authentic feel.

What makes this mini-grill special is it’s very small and portable. You can either use it at home on your dinner table or take it on your camping trips. It only weighs 1.7 kilos.

And the fuel doesn’t have to be charcoal, you can use wood too. So if you want to have a fast BBQ then you’ll want to check out this grill. It’s also budget-friendly.

4 - Kbabe Portable BBQ Grill with Fan

Kbabe Portable BBQ Grill with Fan
Has a fuel pan and charcoal box

The Kbabe Portable BBQ grill is great for outdoor barbecues. It’s a circular shaped charcoal grill with plenty of space on the surface to cook a good amount of food. The material is stainless steel.

One interesting feature is the battery-powered fan near the bottom. What the fan does is help ventilate the grill so it doesn’t create much smoke. It also helps control temperature. Keep in mind that you do need to buy the batteries separately.

Another point is this grill has a fuel pan and charcoal box. You can use a wide range of fuel but it’s recommended to only use gels or solids, not liquids. Then you have to add charcoal to the box and you’re good to go. You should be ready to start the barbecue.

Overall, it’s a decent budget choice. The design is more for small groups, such as three to four people. The perfect companion for camping trips.

Hibachi Grill vs Regular Grill, The Differences:

You might be wondering what makes a Hibachi grill different from a regular American grill.

The answer is Hibachi is the term used to describe small pot-shaped and shallow grills. These can either be charcoal or electronic, but the traditional ones are always charcoal. They also rarely have lids, everything is open-air.

The exact meaning of the word Hibachi has changed a bit over time. As mentioned earlier, it originally was the word for a type of ceramic pot for heating rooms. It was never really used as a grill. Nowadays, the term is used for almost any style of portable grilling.

Overall, Hibachi grills are very small and meant to cook food for a couple of people, while the regular grills are built to cook for groups.

Teppanyaki or Hibachi?

A Teppanyaki grill is mainly for entertainment and uses an industrial-size plate stove. Hibachi can be more personal, with small portable grills, either electric or charcoal. Hibachi-style is the act of grill or barbecue, while Teppanyaki is more showmanship with flat top grills.

How to Clean a Hibachi Grill?

You would clean a Hibachi grill much like any other grill. You’ll also need to pay attention to the material used because the process for cleaning stainless steel is a little different than cleaning cast iron.

Most modern grills will be coated with a non-stick material so food shouldn’t stick to it. If it does, I recommend using a soft sponge or cloth with soap and hot water. Generally, it’s not recommended to use an abrasive or wire sponge, as these can scratch the metal.

One thing you also want to remember to do is season the grill. Seasoning is adding a bit of oil to the steel so it remains non-stick and also prevents the grill from rusting over.

It’s very easy to do. When you’re done cleaning the grill, simply add a touch of oil to a paper towel or cloth and rub it around the surface of the grill grates. Do this enough, and it will not only look brand new for many years but also perform (and taste!) better.

What Can I Cook on a Hibachi Grill?

Hibachi grills are great because they’re versatile. You can cook almost anything on them, without fear of ruining the dish. Generally, they’re used for cooking meats and vegetables. For example, chicken, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, pork chops, and many others.

One common Hibachi grill recipe is a burger. Cook the patty, toast the buns, and you’re good to go. Overall, these products can be used to cook all kinds of food, but for the best results, stick to barbecue appropriate food. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things!