Hair Clipper vs Trimmer

Looking to buy hair clippers or maybe trimmers? But you are not sure of the difference between the two, or even if there is a difference. Let’s take a look at both to help you decide which is best for you.

Hair Clippers

Clippers are mainly used for haircuts, and designed to thin and cut longer hair than trimmers. They usually come with attachment combs, graded 1-8, to adjust the hair length.

They can also be used to thin out a beard, maybe in readiness for trimming, and are essential if you are planning to completely shave off a thick or lengthy beard.

If you are thinking of cutting your hair yourself there are even clippers which rotate through 180 degrees, to get to those hard to reach spots.

Hair clippers are available with stainless steel or ceramic blades. Ceramic is the more expensive option but the blades remain sharper for longer. Always remember to lubricate the blades frequently with hair clipper oil, which is usually supplied with the clippers.

When purchasing clippers you may want to consider how quiet the motor is, if you are cutting hair for any length of time a particularly noisy motor could become annoying!

Hair Trimmers

Trimmers are usually smaller than clippers and are used for closer cutting, trimming a beard, sideburns, or moustache for example. They can also be used around the neck to smartly finish off your haircut. If you want a really precise finish there are trimmers on the market which use a laser light as a guide for perfect results.

If you have sensitive skin it is worth considering a trimmer with adjustable lengths, you can set it to the shortest length and use it instead of a shaver. You won’t get a close shave but it will be less irritating to your skin, and you might find that the stubble look suits you! On the subject of sensitive skin, it is probably worth looking for a trimmer with hypoallergenic blades to cut down on the irritation.

Some trimmers require cleaning with oil but many are 100% washable and can be cleaned with water.

So, there we have the difference between clippers and trimmers. Both come in a wide variety of prices so there is something out there for almost everybody. If you are still undecided there are plenty of grooming sets available which contain both, complete with all the accessories.

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