Eco Friendly Cleaning Tips for Your Home

These eco-friendly cleaning tips for your home will help people who want to avoid extra spending and prevent illnesses caused by the harmful toxins that are present in many cleaning products today. It is really easy to get your home looking the way that you want it to without exposing you, your family and your pets to many of the agents which have been proven to cause cancer and even reproductive problems in children. Read more to learn how to save money easily keep your upholstery, floors and other surfaces looking like new.

Lower Your Water Temperature
You pay for every extra bit of heat that you use to wash towels, sheets and even cleaning cloths. However, extreme temperatures are not necessary to kill bacteria that cause diseases. Lower your temperature and you will find that it directly reduces your heating bill, without affecting the excellent results that you get while cleaning your home.Save Water
Excessive use of water results in a higher utility bill. It also reduces our natural resources. This is especially important of times of drought. Always use your washing machine when it is fully packed, so you don’t waste water with small loads. Wash your car with a bucket and pour that water on your trees.

Effectively Clean Shiny Surfaces
Glass and other shiny surfaces look their best when they are sparkling. It is not difficult to get your glass windows, glass tables and glass counter tops shining like new. Simply wet and crumple an old sheet of newspaper and use that to wipe away stains. It works really well and you don’t have to buy expensive cloths or worry about toxins from any strong chemical cleaners.

Don’t Spend on Cleaning Supplies Unnecessarily
There are lots of ways to reuse old t-shirts and rags. You can make cleaning cloths for your furniture, bathroom and closet from old towels and even other fabrics that cannot be transformed into other articles of clothing.

Take Advantage of Sunlight
The rays of the sun have a powerful cleaning effect. For years, people have used sunlight to help bleach white clothes and kill germs. Open your windows and use sunlight to naturally remove smells in your home as well.

Save Your Lemons
When lemons are in season, you can usually get them at a good price. Limes work pretty well for this purpose as well. You can make your own powerful cleansing agent by using lime juice along with an organic dish liquid when you are washing your dishes.

To freshen a room, add a few lemon peels to a small pan of water and let it simmer for just a few minutes. There is no need to use chemical sprays or spend a lot on other types of air fresheners. Cinnamon works very well for this purpose too. If your microwave oven has started to smell like a mini kitchen, freshen it up my microwaving a few wedges of lime in it for a few minutes. If you don’t have lime or lemon, other citrus fruits such as grapefruit can be used for this purpose as well.

Buy in Bulk Whenever You Can
If you like cleaning your home with natural products such as vinegar, it is usually better to buy these in bulk. You will save money and you will always have a ready supply available to do things like unclog your drains and clean shiny surfaces.

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