Dolce Gusto Pods Alternatives: 5 Awesome Compatible Options

Dolce Gusto Pods


Lidl, Aldi, and Asda recently launched Dolce Gusto pods alternatives in different varieties of coffee, including espresso, cappuccino, and latte. Dolce in Italian means sweet, and perhaps, there could not be anything more delicious than a freshly made cup of coffee.

The question is, are there any good alternatives to Dolce Gusto branded pods?

In this write-up, I will give you a detailed description of some of the most recommended pods alternatives in the UK market, some of which you can purchase online. Whether you plan on making an americano or a dream iced latte, Dolce Gusto pods alternatives got you covered. If you are looking for the best Dolce Gusto compatible pods with great taste and price, here is your walkthrough.

Dolce Gusto Pods Alternatives: Our Selection

1 Barista Italiano Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods

This has been ranked a top 2020 Dolce Gusto pod. It is special for many reasons. First, it is stronger than all others in terms of intensity. What’s more, the flavour of this noble Arabica bean is like no other in terms of balancing out bold tastes that may result from a robust espresso. Its blend is spicy and intense, carrying notes of cocoa aftertaste and toasted bread.

For a genuinely sensational latte, give the Barista Italiano Hot Milk pod a try. Overall, Barista Italiano offers an intensely long and pleasant aftertaste, is rich in quality and has an enveloping and warm aroma. If you are looking to enjoy several cups of coffee per day and keep the characteristics of a real Italian coffee intact, this is the must-try solution.

2 Caffe Colosseo 80 Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods

Compatible with all Dolce Gusto machines, Caffe Colosseo contains 80 coffee pods per pack for 80 servings, 80% Robusta, and 20% Arabica. This variety undergoes a darker roasting process than most others, giving it a stronger and more compact flavour. The flavour is long-lasting and carries a round aftertaste.

It is an intense and robust coffee blend that contains a mixture of fruity and fragrant notes. Caffe Colosseo is a blend of beans coming from Kenya, Ethiopia, and India, a combination that gives the coffee lovers a rich and satisfying sensory experience. It is a high-level coffee, roasted under the best Italian coffee artisan traditions. If you like your coffee strong, you could use 2-3 bars.

3 Café Royal Café Au Lait 48 Coffee Pods

Café Royal Café Au Lait is the best start for the day, perfect for enjoying as 180ml. With a package size of 16 individual capsules, it is compatible with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto system. It is UTZ certified and is 100% Arabica.

You are encouraged to store it in a dry and cool place at room temperature. Café Au Lait is bold, silky, and creamy, with the taste of freshly roasted beans that are expertly brought into life by the softness of milk.

4 Café Royal Caffe Grande Coffee 48 Pods

For an extra-large cup of coffee, Caffe Grande is your perfect blend. With a package size of 16 individual capsules, it is compatible with all popular Nescafe ® Dolce Gusto ® machines.

It is a 100%  Arabica with the intensity of an amazingly fruity taste and is UTZ certified. This tends to be the hero of most variety packs, due to its fruity aromas and chocolate notes. Its intensity is well balanced and can be enjoyed as is or added to a cappuccino.

5  DonMatteo 50 Dolce Americano

DonMatteo has 50 pods for 50 servings, a blend of the best Arabica coffees from South America. It comes combined with notes of pleasant chocolate tasting coffees from Asia, roasted by Italian artisans. This blend has a net weight of 10 grams of coffee per capsules and is well-balanced.

It comes with a nutty aroma, spicy hints, and is the only whole bean with no defects. This pod is truly versatile and delicious, with a strength that does not deny the coffee lover’s taste. The capsules have a strong character with very little notes of acidity and covered with a distinct fragrance of toasted bread.

Are Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods Different from the Nestle Branded Ones?

When it comes to choosing the right pods for a Dolce Gusto machine, the struggle is real. Imagine buying a new coffee machine simply because you got into a store and got struck by the flow of that super friendly sales attendant, only to walk away with a machine you have not used before.

The big question likely to strike you is on the capsules right for your machine. Although it is a jungle as far as pods and machines are concerned, I will scale it down for you, to the best rated. Note that Nespresso, which is owned by Nestle, was not the first to hit the market, but is considered one of the most successful.

Recently, however, most of its market share was stolen by Nescafe Dolce Gusto. Do not confuse the two, they are different, and their capsules are not interchangeable. Nestle pods have a strong V-shape with an approximate 37mm diameter, 30mm high, while Dolce Gusto compatible pods have a strong U-shape, approx. 54mm diameter and 36mm high.

Compatibles are made from plastic with a spout at the bottom and come with a plastic lid. Some nestle pods are made from aluminium while most others are made from food-grade plastic with aluminium pods. Both of them claim to be compatible with the market-leading machines, including Dolce Gusto.

What Coffee Varieties Can You Find in The UK Market?

There are many types of coffee drinks you can find in the UK. Depending on where you land, the names can be slightly different, but there are some basic ones you are likely to find in every region. They include:

  • Espresso
  • Affogato
  • Americano
  • Bicerin
  • Breve
  • Café Au Lait
  • Café Bombon
  • Caffe Corretto
  • Caffe Crema
  • Caffe Latte
  • Caffe Macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • Cortado
  • Espresso Romano
  • Flat White
  • Frappuccino
  • Gingerbread Latte
  • Irish Coffee

Have you tried using a Dolce Gusto machine and ended up with a bitter and lacklustre flavour? If so, don’t blame it on the machine; blame it on your technique. Understand that this machine is not built to be used in the same way an instant coffee would be made. With premium pods such as Must Espresso Italiano, your coffee will taste great.

A latte macchiato, for instance, should give you a smooth, delicious and mild flavour. A cappuccino may need a separate frothier to make the milk froth. However, Dolce Gusto machines do not have a milk frother. According to the manufacturers of these machines, the milk frother is not necessary given that these machines have milk powder in each pod.

What About Reusable Pods, Are They Any Good?

The truth is that it is almost impossible to make great coffee with reusable, pods. The coffee is not usually bad, but it can be lighter. This is because the capsules when reused do not allow you to add the same amount of coffee, given that the usable volume becomes less bulky. If you must use them, understand that they are just like pressurised filters and must therefore not be overpacked.

Are Aldi Dolce Gusto Pods Any Good?

Every coffee lover will agree that Aldi Dolce Gusto pods are some of the best shots on the market today. They come in a wide variety of fragrances and flavours, sourcing their pods from different parts of the world, including Italy, Brazil, and Columbia, among others.

It means, whether you love a morning hit with a Columbian coffee, espresso, or something as fancy as a Lungo, you can have it all with Aldi Dolce Gusto pods. Most of them are also compatible with all Dolce Gusto machines and Nespresso machines.

Currently, Nescafe offers over 40 different types of drinks for their newly acquired Dolce Gusto machines. However, there are way too many choices to try out there. Several other companies produce quality pods that are compatible with the Dolce Gusto system, and it is worth looking into these alternatives.

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