Best wok for induction hobs and cooktops

You don’t have to be a celebrated gourmet chef to know that using a wok for cooking can be a hassle on a traditional Induction cooking surface. Woks traditionally have a round bottom that has made them famous for evenly distributed heating while cooking, but all that has now changed.

Manufacturers have designed a slightly new shape to the cooking wok, with a small flat surface on the bottom, allowing cooks with induction hob surfaces to get in on the action. There are woks in many sizes available to suit any of your cooking needs from simple stir fry to batches of homemade soup.

Our selection of the best woks for induction cooktops available in the UK market in 2019!

  1. ProCook Gourmet Induction Non-Stick Wok & Lid – 28cm

  2. MasterClass Professional Wok

  3. Salter BW02772G Marble Collection Wok

  4. Dexom Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok

  5. Jamie Oliver Tefal Enamel Finish Wok

1 - ProCook Gourmet Induction Non-Stick Wok & Lid – 28cm

ProCook Gourmet Induction Non-Stick Wok & Lid – 28cm

The ProCook Gourmet Wok boasts a 5-Star Ultra Double layer of PFOA-free non-stick coating with a 10-year warranty. Made of black coated 3.5mm aluminum with silicone “stay cool” handles, the ProCook Gourmet is a tough, versatile and affordable option for any aspiring kitchen guru.

Reliable and even heat distribution throughout the cooking surface allows you to enjoy carefree cooking for any type of meal. Clean-up is a breeze and each wok comes with a custom hanging loop for convenient overhead storage.

The toughened glass self-basting lids allow you to maintain the natural moisture and flavours of your food while allowing you to keep an eye on the progress with just a glance.

2 - MasterClass Professional Wok

MasterClass Professional Wok

This commercial quality cooking Wok holds a full 8 litres and weighs in at 1.85kgs with an extra-long handle and premium grade Stainless Steel reinforced non-stick coating. Made with high-quality 2mm carbon steel, this wok is excellent for commercial cooking or for the at-home chef that needs something durable and versatile.

Good for high-temperature cooking, safe for the oven and tough enough to withstand using steel utensils. The MasterClass Professional comes with a 10-year guarantee. The flat bottom is essential for cooking on an induction oven with ease and is also suitable to be used on gas, ceramic, halogen and electric ranges.

Seasoning is recommended, however very little oil is needed for regular cooking allowing you to create healthier meals. Measuring 14 inches, there are two smaller sizes available depending on your culinary needs.

3 - Salter BW02772G Marble Collection Wok

Salter BW02772G Marble Collection Wok

This 28cm general use wok allows you to cook with little or no oil thanks to its Marble-Effect coating that allows food to slide right off without sticking. This unique coating provides protection from long-term wear and tear and is abrasion resistant, however, it is not recommended to use metal utensils with this product.

The Salter wok comes with a tempered glass lid with a silicone “stay-cool” handle for easy access to simmering dishes. The glass top allows you to be able to keep a close eye on your meal and is great for steaming.

This wok is dishwasher safe but is not recommended for use in an oven due to the silicone handle on the pan and the lid. It is able to be used on induction hobs, electric, halogen and gas ranges.

4 - Dexom Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok

Dexom Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok

This 27cm everyday cooking wok is an affordable option for the beginners to the experts in the kitchen. Constructed with a classic wood handle for cool touch cooking and a convenient hanging hook for quick storage.

Made from 1.2mm thick carbon steel, this wok is ideal for high temp recipes without concern of damaging the finish. It’s patented non-stick internal coating makes cooking and clean up a breeze, but it is recommended that you hand wash after use.

This wok is suitable for induction hobs, gas, hot plate and electric ranges. The strong carbon steel design makes this wok a durable and long-lasting choice for your kitchen.

5 - Jamie Oliver Tefal Enamel Finish Wok

Jamie Oliver Tefal Enamel Finish Wok

This versatile wok is brought to you by the Tefal family and co-designed by internationally renowned UK chef Jamie Oliver. Made for the everyday cook, this wok measures 28cm and is a lightweight option at only 965 grams for easy lifting and flipping.

The Enamel non-stick interior is reinforced with the strongest metals making this a durable choice that is dishwasher and metal utensil safe. It comes with silicone handle inserts to either keep it cool to the touch or to be put in the oven.

Special features include the Tefal Thermo heat spot that indicates when the proper cooking temperature has been reached as well as a flared outer lip for easy, no-spill pouring.


Induction Cooktops Woks

Buying Guide

There is the old saying that “You get what you pay for”, which can be true for any type of purchase that you make. However, there is no need to break the bank to get a quality and durable cooking wok in the marketplace today.

There are many variables to consider when looking to buy a new wok including the type of cooking that will be done, the number of people that you are cooking for and how often the wok would be in use.

Trying to sort through the hundreds of woks that are available can be overwhelming so it is important to keep the following basics in mind to ensure that you make the right purchase for you. Here are some of the basic things that you should know when looking to buy a wok for your kitchen.

Manufacturing Style

There are three common ways that a wok is constructed and each has its value and importance depending on what type of cooking you will be doing and how well they will fit into your budget.

Hammered – Traditional construction method where metal is hammered into groves along the edges to aid in the food distribution for cooking large volumes. Very expensive and more appropriate for commercial type cooking. This type of wok does not come with a flat bottom for hob cooking.

Stamped  – The metal is machine pressed and moulded into the common bowl-like shape. They can be moulded with or without a flat bottom option and tend to have a smooth interior that can develop hot and cold spots with age. This is a common option and is very affordable for the casual cook.

Spun Metal – Metal worked on a lathe with small creased indents along the sides to help with food distribution. Made with heavy gauge metals and is available with a flat bottom and side handles. This is a medium-range wok that is fairly affordable.


Carbon Steel heats up and keeps even cooking temperature better than other materials

Stainless Steel tends to be heavy and requires a lot of maintenance to maintain the non-stick surface.

Aluminium is a durable and lightweight material and is generally affordable

Cast Iron is durable and good for high temp cooking but is heavy and high maintenance

Care & Maintenance

No matter what size, construction style or materials used, it is important to keep your wok at its best by proper seasoning and maintenance. Make sure to follow these common steps to keep your wok in top shape.

  • Always boil water for 20 minutes in a new wok before cooking any food to allow the oils added by the manufacturers to be cleaned away.
  • Season your wok with preferred oils, even if there is a non-stick coating
  • Preferably hand wash with no soap and a soft sponge to loosen any food residue even if the product is dishwasher safe

Top 5 Selling Brands UK

There are literally hundreds of cooking woks available in the marketplace and as many options and features for each depending on your needs. From commercial cooking to home kitchen Asian cooking, there is one out there that is perfect for you. These are the Top 5 Selling brands in the UK:

  1. Tefal by Jamie Oliver
  2. Le Creuset
  3. ScanPan
  4. MasterClass 
  5. Wok Shop’s Standard 



Do I need to buy Heavy Gauge metal or is Standard ok for home cooking?

Heavy gauge metals are great for commercial cooking and are available on some home models as well, but it is not necessary to make a quality product for home cooking.


How big should the flat bottom surface be on a wok for induction hobs?

Ideally, you don’t want the flat area on the bottom of the wok to be bigger than your cooking element. It is recommended that 8-10cm is the optimum size to maintain even cooking temperatures.


Which handle style is the best for home cooking?

There are a few options on the market and what you get is purely based on preference. The Cantonese style has two small looped handles for traditional Chinese cooking. The more Western styles generally come with either one long handle alone or with a second smaller looped handle on the opposite side. The combination handles is generally easier to manoeuvre for home cooks.