Best Waist Trimmers Reviews

Waist Trimmers (sometimes called an Abs Belt or Sauna Belt) are a simple and effective means of enhancing workouts by increasing the intensity of heat (sweat) around the abdomen, thereby aiding weight loss, whilst also providing support to the lower back. They are also great for use during everyday activities such as walking and gardening. Suitable for men and women, the range of waist trimmers on the market ensure there is one to suit every need and budget.

The five products reviewed here are from a range of manufacturers, each with their own differing merits and features, and are all available online for UK delivery.

Our selection of the best waist trimmers available in the UK market in 2017!

1. Bracoo Waist Trimmer
2. Just Fitter Premium (Just Fitter)
3. VeluxioWaist Trimmer Ab Belt (Veluxio)
4. TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer (TNT Pro Series)
5. Actervate – Slimmer Belt
1 - Bracoo Waist Trimmer

Bracoo Waist Trimmer
Universal design, fits up to 38″

Manufactured by Bracoo, this waist trimmer belt is in the middle of the scale cost-wise when compared to similar products. Overall it compares favourably, although maybe not quite as highly rated as other waist trimmers on the market. Most customers are generally impressed, with some reporting noticeable fat-loss results after just a few weeks of use. As with any such product though, a good diet and regular fitness regime should be followed to achieve the best outcome – you are unlikely to lose weight by simply wearing this belt and not exercising.

The Bracoo introduces the quality sports and sports injury rehabilitation accessories. The product description claims that it can burn more calories as it insulates the abdominal area and raises the temperature creating a sauna belt effect.

The lightweight belt is adjustable with a Velcro fastening, and wearers report that it stays in place well during workouts. However, care should be taken when choosing which size to buy (small, medium or large) as some reviewers reported that the sizing can be inconsistent.

In summary, this is a good product that produces positive results and has many satisfied users. One possible area for improvement would be better information for customers, as there does seem to be a lack of instructions/guidance.

2 - Just Fitter Premium (Just Fitter)

Sealey GSA02
More Fully Adjustable Than Other Stomach Slimming Sauna Belts

This premium quality neoprene belt comes very highly rated by both men and women and provides great value for money. It is very well made, robust and durable with an excellent stitching detail and, as a bonus, comes with its own draw-string bag. The belt is available in four sizes (from small to extra-large) and has a strong, adjustable Velcro strap for maximum comfort. Many reviewers commented favourably on the soft inner lining material making this a very comfortable belt to wear over a sustained period. The manufacturers have developed this product using non-slip grid technology; this ensures that the belt will not slip or move during use.

A great feature of the Just Fitter Premium belt is the extra width compared with other belts; this provides excellent lumbar support, which in turn encourages and assists good posture. Users report that they stand taller and straighter whilst wearing it and felt that it helped to increase their confidence and performance during exercise; whether that be weight training, walking or just doing household chores. It can also be helpful whilst sitting (at a desk for instance) as it discourages slouching and improves posture. The large surface area and extra support is especially helpful for those with back problems or even women who have recently undergone a C-section.

Due to the neoprene material, it is recommended that you wash before first use as there may be a slight rubber smell when brand new. The belt can be washed very easily and line dried between uses (this is important as it is very effective at making you sweat!).

Overall, most users rate this belt very highly in comparison with other similar products and would happily recommend it to others. Again though, better information and guidance would improve this item.

3 – Veluxio Waist Trimmer Ab Belt

Veluxio Waist Trimmer Ab Belt
Waist trimmer with lombar support

The Veluxio Sports Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is a popular choice for both men and women and has a striking pink colour in contrast to the many black ones available. The belt is also smaller than some of its rivals and this, along with the inclusion of a drawstring carry bag, makes it easy to carry around. The narrow width makes it a good choice for doing floor exercises and circuit training. Another plus for this particular belt is noted to be the manufacturers fast and efficient shipping service.

This belt itself is extremely easy to use; simply wrap it around the waist and the strong Velcro fastener will keep it securely in place during your workout. The belt ranks very favourably against other similar products, especially with regard to the lack of movement and the absence of any ‘roll up’ or ‘bunching’ while in use.

Wearing the Veluxio belt enhances workouts by helping to preserve body heat and thereby increasing the amount of sweat produced. This is the core aspect of any good waist trimmer. But, it also provides effective lower back support. Wearers report seeing visible results after a few weeks of use and commented that the item is discreet enough to wear comfortably under gym wear. This is an important factor for many people, as some belts can be bulky. This alone makes this belt worth considering as a purchase.

4 - TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer (TNT Pro Series)

Sealey GSA02
Premium stomach wrap and waist trainer

If you are looking for a great quality, tried and tested belt then you won’t go far wrong with the TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer. From the outset you will receive excellent service from the manufacturer with fast delivery, great value for money and many after-sales extras such as a comprehensive guidance pack (sent electronically) that will help get you started and will provide exercises and tips for using your new purchase.

This product comes in an impressive range of five sizes (from extra-small to extra-large) catering for both the smallest and largest of frames. The lengths of belt start at 32″ and go right up to 60″ with widths of 8″ to 10″. As it covers the whole abdominal area it encourages good posture, does a great job of protecting the lumbar region and maximises the amount of sweat produced during use. As a downside, the strength, rigidness and width of the belt do make it unsuitable for some floor exercises (sit-ups etc.) and possibly circuit training, as it is less flexible than others you can buy.

Many wearers suggest that the belt has helped to strengthen their core, shift stubborn belly fat and even reduced abdominal bloating, and it certainly seems to be very popular with those on the heavier side with a few extra pounds to lose. A very small number of negative comments about the quality of this item are far out-weighed by the praise it receives from most of the reviewers.

Overall, in terms of popularity, this waist trimmer certainly hits the mark with the vast majority of users extremely pleased with their purchase (especially in comparison with others they might have tried previously). It is a comfortable belt to wear and can be worn for long periods of time whether exercising or simply going about your daily business.

5 - Actervate - Slimmer Belt

Actervate – Slimmer Belt
Key selling point: one size fits most and at a mid-range price

The Pro Series belt made by Actervate is a great buy for anyone wanting to tone up those important areas of stomach and waist, whilst improving their appearance. This body shaping, flexible belt boasts excellent air permeability and helps to protect the important lumbar region during exercise. The unique steel support design and strong Velcro fastening make this a very durable piece of equipment.

The belt sizing fits most: small, medium, large and extra-large. Wearers observed that their stomach felt tighter after each use and it was suggested that it would be particularly beneficial for women after a C-section as it could help firm up and tone loose skin. One customer stated that they lost several pounds in weight after just nine days of use, which is certainly impressive. This is a good belt to buy if you are looking to tone your midriff and improve your figure.

The belt is designed to make wearers sweat, and does this very effectively, so it’s good to know that the belt is very easy to wash and dry. Overall, this is a very good and very competitively priced belt – well worth the money!

A summary of the many benefits of using Waist Trimmers

  • Aids and speeds up fat loss
  • Helps to tone up the abdominal area
  • Maximises the effectiveness of workouts
  • Provides effective lumbar support
  • Encourages good posture
  • Very simple to fit and use
  • Inexpensive piece of fitness equipment
  • Portable (wear it and take it anywhere)
  • Easy to wash and keep clean