Best Halogen Ovens in the Market

Practical homeowners are shifting from conventional ovens to halogen ovens. And it is not surprising at all. A halogen oven does the same job as a traditional oven. But it is cheaper and costs very little to run. A halogen oven is best for small families, who find turning a traditional oven just to cook a meal for 2-4 persons a bit impractical.

Our selection of the best halogen ovens in the UK market in 2109

1 – Russell Hobbs 18537 Halogen Oven with Timer

2 – Andrew James 12 Litre Halogen Oven

3 – Fine Elements Deluxe Halogen Oven

4 – VonShef Premium Halogen Oven Cooker

5 – Elgento E14020 Halogen Oven

Top Halogen Ovens: Our Reviews

To even make your halogen oven shopping even easier, we’ve picked some of the best halogen ovens in the market today:

1 - Russell Hobbs 18537 Halogen Oven with Timer, 1400 W - Silver
This oven has a capacity of 11 litres, although you can expand it to 16 through the addition of the stainless steel expansion ring. With a 16 liter capacity, you will have enough space for cooking food that can feed your entire family and even your neighbours.

It has a reversible rack that lets you opt for any of the two different levels for cooking. It also has a 60-minute countdown timer to ensure your food won’t get burned. It has analogue controls. It also heats up very quickly.

This would have been the perfect halogen oven if the manufacturer threw in a free recipe book, or the auto-clean function performs well. Despite those flaws, this is still a pretty solid pick for a halogen oven.

2 - Andrew James 12 Litre Black 1400W Digital Halogen Oven Cooker
Andrew James is a very reputable brand, and its 12 litre black digital halogen oven cooker is a solid choice for homeowners looking for a practical cooking companion.

It has a maximum cooking temperature of 250 degrees Celsius and has a two hour time. Aside from typical cooking jobs like steaming, roasting, baking, frying, and grilling, you can rely on this machine for other tasks like defrosting and reheating food. It can cook up to 40 percent faster than a standard oven. Moreover, you don’t need to preheat this halogen oven.

Once you are done using the oven, you won’t have to spend a lot of time or exert a lot of effort in cleaning it thanks to its self-cleaning function.

You can also increase its capacity to 17 litres thanks to its extender ring. This halogen oven cooker is very energy efficient. It also has tons of accessories included in the package such as tongs, grill racks, baking tray, steamer tray, toast rack, rice and cake dish, and four metal skewers.

3 - Fine Elements Deluxe Halogen Oven with All Accessories

This is another good choice if you are in the market for a halogen oven. It has a slightly smaller capacity at 12 litres, and has a 60-minute timer. There are two racks included in the package, along with a tong, a protective basket, and an instruction manual slash recipe book. Cleaning this unit should also be easy as it has a self-cleaning feature.

Although this is a small halogen oven, you’ll appreciate it that the manufacturer has thrown everything you need to use it right away. The instruction manual, where you can also find the recipe, would help you figure out how to use the oven.

This halogen oven may not come from a brand as known as Andrew James, but it is a very good alternative to the ovens from the more popular brands.

4 - VonShef Premium Halogen Oven Cooker with Heat Resistant Basket

This premium halogen oven/convection cooker is easy to clean, energy efficient, and cooks very fast.

It has a self-cleaning function which spares users from the hassle of washing up, or from using harsh chemicals to remove grease. It can also heat up so fast thanks to its halogen bulb. In fact, there’s no pre-heating needed in this halogen oven. This results to faster cooking but also to lower energy bills.

With a 10.7 litre capacity, this oven should be enough to prepare food for a small family. It’s easy to operate too. Simply twist the timer switch to start, and lift the handle to stop. There are various temperature settings in this oven.

There’s also a recipe book included in the product package. Just be forewarned that the unit can get noisy when in operation, no thanks to the racks inside it.

4 - Elgento E14020 Halogen Oven, 1300 W, 12 L - White

Finally, this oven is a good choice for small to medium-sized families with its 12-liter capacity. It has a cooking rack that would let you cook food in one go. You can grill, boil, roast, and bake on this oven, and make the process up to 40 percent faster than traditional cooking methods.

The oven has a manual 60-minute timer, thus you can attend to other tasks while the oven cooks your food. There’s a cooking signal that would alert you once your food is done. You can also defrost your food on this oven with its defrost setting.

These are five of the best halogen ovens that you can find on the market today. It is unlikely you will regret buying any of these ovens as these are all energy efficient, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Halogen Oven Buying Guide

Practical homeowners are shifting from conventional ovens to halogen ovens. And it is not surprising at all. A halogen oven does the same job as a traditional oven. But it is cheaper and costs very little to run. A halogen oven is best for small families, who find turning a traditional oven just to cook a meal for 2-4 persons a bit impractical.

A halogen oven has a glass bowl with a lid. The halogen bulb is integrated into that lid. Once the lid is closed off and the system is turned on, the halogen bulb generates infrared waves. In turn, the air within the glass bowl is heated. This, in turn, makes the food inside the oven cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Advantages of Halogen Oven

There are several advantages of using halogen oven such as:

  1. It is energy efficient. Halogen ovens employ infrared technology in heating food. It can cook food up to 60 percent faster than conventional ovens. This can be credited to the small size of the oven as well as the fan circulating the air inside and distributing the heat thoroughly.
  1. It is space – saving. Another advantage of a halogen oven is that it is small and compact, and thus, won’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen. The halogen oven is thus a practical choice for homemakers with minimal space in the kitchen like those who live in apartments and condos. It is also lightweight that you can move it around if you desire.
  1. It’s cheap. Practical homeowners no longer have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of pounds for an oven. A good halogen oven can cost them around £50.
  1. It is versatile. Lastly, a halogen oven can make all sorts of food. You can rely on it for roasting, baking, grilling, and steaming.

Things to Consider in Buying Halogen Oven

With the number of halogen oven models in the market, you will likely be overwhelmed with the choices. You can make it easier to choose the right oven for you by considering these factors:

  1. Controls—you can choose from a halogen oven with manual controls or one with touch panel digital control. The latter is obviously a much more convenient choice but comes at a higher price.
  1. Capacity—the higher the capacity of the halogen oven, the more food that it can cook in one go.
  1. Cord length—look for a halogen oven with a long cord, so that you can easily plug it in the kitchen without having to use an extension cable. Most halogen ovens have a cord length of around a meter.
  1. Extension rings—these can expand the halogen oven capacity from 12 to 17 litres, so you can cook more food in one sitting. The extension ring is made of metal and sits on the rim of the oven.
  1. Lid stand—this is a useful accessory that lets you rest the lid in a vertical position. This saves you valuable counter space while you are preparing the dinners.
  1. Baking and steaming trays—if you want to cook pizza in the oven, then be sure it has a baking tray. Meanwhile, streaming trays can make it possible for you to cook more types of food.
  1. Storage— you must consider how you will store the oven once you are done using it. The best way to do so is to take the lid off so that it can fit in a typical cupboard.
  1. Warranty—the longer the warranty, the better. This gives you peace of mind knowing you can get a replacement or have your unit repaired by the maker.

Safety Considerations

Before you buy a halogen oven, you might be interested to know whether there are any ill effects of infrared heating on food. You don’t have to worry about it as there have been lots of researchers suggesting that infrared heating won’t cause any health problems. Thus you can use a halogen oven without being anxious about the safety aspects.

You do need to be careful in using the halogen oven, though. Be mindful of handling any part of the halogen cooker while it is in use, particularly the lid. You should use gloves every time you use the halogen cooker. You must also keep the cooker away from children’s reach at home.

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