What’s the best cheese for raclette? And what alternatives?

The best cheese for raclette is the real raclette cheese. Raclette is a traditional Swiss cheese that is produced with milk that comes from cows fed from meadow hay during winter and fresh grass in the summer. It is a melting cheese that is perfect for pouring over meals like potatoes and is great in the preparation of fondue. The age of the wheel determines whether the raclette is mild or tangy. It has tiny holes and is perfect for melting (using a raclette machine) and pouring on top of foods. Raclette cheese is firm when cool, with a nutty, buttery, mouth-watering flavour. It is a sharing meal that is perfect for enjoying family or friends.

Where To Buy Raclette In The UK

Raclette can be bought from a variety of stores in the UK. You can buy raclette cheese either online, in grocery shops or from cheese shops. Shops like Kappacasein Dairy, The Cheese Hamlet, La Cave a Fromage, Cheese & Cheers and Paxton & Whitfield Ltd sell great raclette cheese in the UK. You can also check your nearby grocery shop for raclette cheese. If you do not want the hassle of physically going to a store, a great alternative is getting it online. Online stores like Cheesefondueshop or even Amazon are great options.

Alternatives To Raclette Cheese

Raclette cheese can be hard to come by at times. This does not mean that you should not enjoy eating cheese. If this happens, it safe to have options so that you do not miss out on that well-anticipated cheese delight. There are several alternatives to raclette cheese that have the same melting consistency and taste.

1. Gruyère Cheese

Gruyère is made in Switzerland and is a great alternative to raclette cheese. It is a firm, yellow cheese that is made of whole milk and has tiny holes. It has a sweet but slightly salty taste just like raclette. Gruyere’s flavour widely varies with age. It is nutty and creamy (just like raclette) when still young and earthy and grainy when it matures. If you are going for a taste that is more like raclette, then you definitely have to go for the younger gruyere that is creamy and nutty.

2. Jarlsberg

Jarlsberg originates from Norway and can also be used instead of raclette. It is semi-firm and yellow in colour, with a creamy, nutty, buttery flavour that is similar to that of raclette cheese. It has the same rich texture that raclette cheese has. It melts perfectly like raclette making it an amazing alternative to raclette in the preparation of fondue and other dishes. Jarlsberg also has tiny holes and is made similar to most Swiss cheeses.

3. Emmentaler

Emmentaler originated from Emme Valley in Switzerland and has large irregular holes. It has bigger holes compared to Jarlsberg, gruyere and raclette cheeses. This is probably the greatest difference between this particular cheese and the rest of the aforementioned cheeses. What qualifies it as an alternative to raclette is its melting capacity and its nutty, buttery, mildly sharp taste and pale yellow colour. The holes on the cheese are brought about by bacteria that create carbon dioxide during the production process. It is also harder than raclette meaning that when preparing it, ensure you melt it completely so that its texture is completely like that of raclette.

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